Inground Versus Above Ground Pools

You’re about to take the plunge and invest in the ultimate luxury: a swimming pool. But should you invest in an in-ground pool or choose an above-ground option? The answer depends on where you live, your budget, and the look you want to achieve. If you live in a continental climate where the pool won’t be used year round, an above-ground pool can meet your

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Hot Trends in Pool Features

Beach Entry There used to be three ways to enter a pool: steps, ladders or “Cannon ball!” Times have changed. Do you like the feeling of wading into the ocean? A beach entry creates that experience with a gradual slope from the deck into the water. Because no steps are involved, it’s ideal for children, seniors and anyone with special needs. This natural transition does

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Quiz: Which Animals Can Swim?

Many animals are natural swimmers, while others must be taught, and some can’t even float to save their life, much less paddle.Animals inhabit a wide range of ecosystems, some arid, like the desert; some wet, like swamps, and everything in between. Mountains, grasslands and rainforests are home to thousands of species that may or may not have occasion to swim. And yet there’s evidence that

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Homeowners Find Reassurance in Pool Builder’s Reputation

Martin and Jackie Koetters respect the power of reputation. The couple built a home in Woodbrook, a community by Neal Communities, southwest Florida’s premier, private homebuilder, a few years ago. They were impressed with the quality and inspired service that comes with building a Neal Communities home. In 2016, the Koetters decided they were ready for a change of scenery. Martin and Jackie looked at

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Got Pool Envy? Pool Waterfalls Can Help!

You don’t need to go on vacation to experience the luxury of a pool waterfall or bubbler! Have you ever spent time in a luxury hotel pool?  Take, for example, Las Vegas, NV.  When tourists flock to this desert city, they need a place escape the dry heat.  Hotels like Caesars Palace are famous for their pool features including, pool waterfalls, pool bubblers, and resplendent pool fountains.  The

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5 Signs You Need to buy a Pool

The summer months in Florida are heating up. After a long day of work or time spent with the family, you can’t help but think about how refreshing it would be to jump into a pool. Not just any pool, but a pool of your own … one that you can be proud of. It’s not just the heat talking, though. Your mind simply can’t

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LED Pool Lights: Stunning, Innovative, and Practical

A Life without LED Pool Lights Imagine this. It’s a warm Saturday night. The weather couldn’t be better for the evening pool party you have planned.  You’ve set the theme, matched the decorations, and everything thing is just right.  7:00 rolls around, and the beauty of a Florida sunset surrounds you and your guests (the two who decided to show up on time).  Breathtaking hues of red and

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Building a Pool – Without Making Waves!

When asked why Martin Koetters and his wife Jacquelyn decided to live in Florida, it all boils down to one word: climate. After living in several states and finally settling down in a Neal Communities home in Florida, they decided to move into another community – Woodland Trace – and build their second Neal Communities home with one special addition, a pool. Four years ago, the Koetters

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Glass Tile: Florida Pools That Shimmer

Are you considering installing an in-ground pool or even revamping your existing pool?  If so, pay close attention.  This spring, glass pool tile is one of the hottest trends in Florida pools.  Is it right for you? In-ground pools are a popular option for many Florida homeowners. These days, more and more in-ground pools are breaking the mold and becoming works of art! Because of

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