What Makes Our Designs Great

Design experience

What makes Waterscapes different is our commitment to customer satisfaction and taking the extra time to understand your needs and give you the best possible solution. Our Design Consultants are here to guide you through every step of the pool design process and to ensure all your requests are met. With Waterscapes, designing pools is fun and stress-free!

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Here’s What To Expect:


Pool Design

One of our Pool Designers will meet with you at your home to review important items; such access for construction, positioning of the pool, and to take any necessary measurements that will be entered into our design software. Subsequent to this initial meeting, your Designer will meet with you again to do the actual design with you present. You will interact with the Designer to create a design that meets your personal tastes, budget, and lifestyle. You can be in person in our office or we can perform a “virtual” meeting where you still get to participate in the design, just from a remote location.



The State of Florida requires all swimming pools to apply for and be issued a building permit. Each County or Municipality has slightly different requirements, but all generally must follow the Florida Building Code. If you live in a deed restricted community, you will probably be required to submit for approval to construct a new structure and it is best for you to submit at the same time we are processing the permit. Once all permits and approvals are granted, we will gather all necessary items and get started with the building process. The first step of this process and before construction begins is a “pre-start” meeting with one of our Pool Construction Managers to review the project and then we can start building the pool of your dreams!


The first step is to remove any visible organic material from the surface (grass, etc.) and then the layout crew forms the area to be dug. The excavation crew will then dig the pool and/or spa the correct depths and dimensions, as well as add some of the necessary plumbing and rock for de-watering. The reinforcing steel is added and to the floors and walls, as the placement of items that will be encapsulated in the concrete shell.
The next step is the placement of the concrete shell, where we pneumatically apply concrete at high velocity in a process known as “shooting” gunite or shotcrete to form the main pool and/or spa.
At this point, you have a “pool shell” and you can think of it like a house foundation that everything is built upon.

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The pool shell is backfilled with dirt,  the plumber connects to all the necessary locations at the  pool shell, and then lays pipe in trenches to the pool equipment location.

Most pools in Florida use an aluminum screen enclosure (cage) to keep the bugs to a minimum. In order to keep the cage secure, we pour a concrete footer for attachment. The concrete contractor forms the perimeter of the pool deck and pours concrete to create the footing.

During this phase, the pool electrical bond wire is also placed where needed.

The next step is where some of your personal selections are installed. The tile installer preps the upper pool shell walls (pool beam) and applies the water line tile and the deck coping.

The soil inside the footer is leveled and compacted; then paver base is also compacted for the placement of the concrete or natural stone pavers.

Once the deck is completed, the aluminum contractor measures for the “cage”.



The pump, filter and other equipment options are installed and plumbed into the underground plumbing that was previously placed. This typically happens after the deck is installed and before interior plaster. Once the aluminum screened enclosure is partially built offsite, it is installed, then a child safety barrier is installed, and we are ready for the interior plaster. 



All of our pools get an “exposed aggregate” finish or plaster. The most common finish is a pebble interior plaster finish that is known for its’ appearance as well as its durability. The finish assists in sealing the pool shell and adds to the aesthetic appearance of the pool floor and walls. This is typically a two-step process with one day of the main work and the second day of a light acid wash to clean the surface of excess dust.



We are almost done! Once the finish has been completed, the pool is filled with water. Depending on the size of the pool and the residences water pressure; the pool will typically fill in 24-48 hours. Once the pool is full, the equipment is started and chemicals will be added to ensure. These are some of the same chemicals that will be used to keep the pool water balanced and disinfected for the life of the pool. The Typical start up lasts for 30 days then the pool is yours to maintain & enjoy.

Pool School is provided by Waterecapes Pools & Spas, so that you are introduced to the functions of your pool.


Welcome To Your



From start to finish, your Waterscapes team is there for you. Once your pool is completed, the warranty period begins. You will get your warranty information when Pool School is scheduled after your pool is started.