The Best Pool Type

A pool is the ultimate amenity for any homeowner, offering a breathtaking aesthetic and a perfect escape any time of day. Whether it’s a relaxing retreat or the entertainment center for your next party, many agree that the crystal-clear waters are a sight to behold.

While a pool’s overall appearance should be at the top of your mind, the material making the foundation of your pool is even more important. Waterscapes recognizes there are different types of pool builds and we want to ensure owners know which is best. We will offer an in-depth look at the type of pools we construct and how they prove to be beautiful and worthwhile investments:

A Concrete Plan

When it comes to in-ground pools, three types can be used for installation. The first of these is a fiberglass pool. These are essentially pre-built pools made in another location and then shipped to their destination, where the ground must be dug out in the exact shape of the pool. Additionally, these pools’ shells are comprised of several layers, offering additional strength and support.

The next type of material used for a pool build is vinyl. These pools are built with plastic frames above ground. Supporting walls of plastic, steel, or aluminum are then joined to the frame and then lined with heavy vinyl, making up the shell of the pool. The top is held down by the coping, providing a finished edge and border for the pool.

Of all these pool types, Waterscapes chooses the third for constructing your ideal pool – concrete with exposed aggregate finish. Once a hole is dug out and reinforced steel is added to the floors and walls, we create the shell via a process called shooting – applying concrete at a high velocity as gunite or shotcrete. This offers a defined and stable shape for the pool’s foundation, making it ideal for creating your private paradise!

A Customizable Material for Custom Pools

What’s one advantage concrete pools have over others? They provide you with the chance to make a customized shape that works for you. When we start the pool design process, one of our experts meets you at your home to obtain correct measurements of your outdoor space. For those who have challenging backyard layouts, our use of concrete allows maximum customization and allows for various depths, built-in features and tight radiuses. An in-ground pool is a permanent fixture, and concrete provides you with options limited only to your imagination.

This is a stark contrast to vinyl and fiberglass pools. Fiberglass pools are pre-built and while it can simplify installation, you normally cannot request any custom designs While vinyl pools offer some customization, the materials used have creative limitations. When it comes custom shapes, concrete a solid solution.

A Long-Lasting Solution

Pools are meant to be a lasting design element for a lanai. It should be pleasing to the eyes, but also highly functional. Over the years, your pool will be exposed to the elements and chemicals that maintain your water’s cleanly state. These factors can take a toll on any object, so you will want a pool that can maintain its beauty no matter the circumstances.

Durability is another key advantage concrete pools have over other materials. Concrete is porous and when combined with the reinforced steel, creates a pool shell capable of withstanding water pressure and inclement weather. Additionally, concrete is stain and scratch resistant, able to maintain its appearance for the years to come.

This aspect is also vital when it comes to chemicals. With fiberglass or vinyl liner pools, the materials can be easily affected by rainwater and chemical levels, making their walls corrode over time which can be costly to replace and make it impossible to enjoy a dip in those blue waters. While you always want to stay on top of chemical level maintenance, concrete is not deeply impacted by this exposure, allowing you to manage your pool with minimal worry about its structural integrity.

Effortless Beauty

While concrete is extremely reliable, it also offers no shortage of beauty. One option that you get to customize during the design process is the pool deck, an element showcasing your personal tastes for friends and family alike.

The two most popular options we use in our pools are concrete pavers and travertine patios, both highly functional and decorative solutions. On top of being both weather and slip-resistant, these are made from a mix of concrete and natural stone, so you can choose the colors and shapes that complement your pool. Whether your pool has a clean line design or freeform style, concrete will dramatically transform your lanai’s landscape and offer a natural beauty that catches the eye.


With the exposed aggregate (plaster), concrete pools allow you to add a beautiful finish that enhances the visual of those blue waters. One popular option is an interior pebble finish, but you can decide what works best for your pool!

Your pool is meant to be a luxury and as such, should be made from the best material. By using concrete, you can create a customized pool that you can enjoy for many years to come.  As one of Southwest Florida’s most celebrated pool builders, we can bring your aquatic vision to life. If you are ready to create your own personal slice of paradise, contact us here.