The Stay-at-Home Picnic

Stay at Home Picnic

Valentine’s Day may be over, but that’s no excuse to end the romance. It’s easy to blame the kids, the busy work schedule, or even school. One quick, do-it-yourself option is the stay-at-home picnic by your garden or pool. The key to making this a success is preparation. Don’t break the mood by having to run inside for supplies that you may have forgotten.

The Best Picnic Weather

The South and Central parts of Florida are known for their rainy summers and mild winters. The weeks around Valentine’s Day have a tendency to be just perfect for spending time outside, especially in 2016. Even with the cold fronts plaguing us from El Nino, we are still having some beautiful blue skies. Pick a day when you have more than an hour or two to spend outside. Plan to spend plenty of time by your pool or in your garden. Make it romantic and focused on your loved one.

The Best Picnic “Table”

Whether you plan to be on the grass or the concrete by your pool, picking a comfortable “table” is essential to keeping the moment romantic. From waterproof and stylish to homemade or high-tech, there are several options to choose from. Did you know that some modern picnic blankets even have speakers? Whether you use something you already own or buy something specific, be sure to pick a blanket that is big enough for two. One word to the wise: especially in Florida, be sure to find something waterproof or have a waterproof lining to use beneath the blanket. No one wants to cut a picnic short because they keep getting soggy or muddy.

The Best Picnic Foods

Picking your menu should be a careful balance between what you enjoy and what is practical for the environment. Steaks may be a little messy, but a steak sandwich (one that is pre sliced or pre-prepared) is a great compromise. Think of things with an easy set up and minimal clean up. You probably want to bring covered items. Tupperware is a great way to protect your food and keep it from possibly blowing away or being carried away by pesky flies.

WikiHow has a great post here about what supplies to bring!

Sustainable Supplies

Did you know that many of the items needed for a successful picnic are now made in a biodegradable form. This sustainable approach to picnicking means that you can have a special moment with a loved one that leaves an imprint on his or her heart, not on the environment. Sustainable cutlery, cups, and plates have all become very popular. These items are compostable, and have little to no impact on landfills (when properly disposed). Even trash bags are now being manufactured for sustainability. The folks at PopSugar have a great list of compostable picnic supplies.

Stay-at-Home Romance

Remember, the most important thing to do for a stay-at-home, poolside or garden picnic is to keep the moment alive. Plan ahead and try your best not to break the moment by running inside for last minute supplies. Make it special, keep the focus on your loved one, and, most importantly, spend quality time together. Romance shouldn’t be limited to one day out of the year.