Choosing a Pool Tile Design

An in-ground pool can feature as much tile work as you like — or your budget allows. From a unique waterline to a waterfall backdrop or an elaborate raised spa, tile sets the tone and becomes the focal point of your pool, It’s a lavish way to introduce color and visual texture, to complement the home’s architecture, or to create an oasis with a mood all its own.

Industry magazines and websites for swimming pools are great resources for ideas, but so are travel books and photos. After all, some of the most magnificent tile patterns and designs are inspired by art and architecture from other countries and cultures.

Your pool builder will have a portfolio that showcases his work, but knowing what styles, colors and materials you’re drawn to will help him create the pool of your dreams. Do you envision a serene, spa-like setting or something more exotic? Sleek and modern or nature inspired? At Waterscapes, our Lakewood Ranch based team can help you select a pool that is in line with your vision.

Let research take you on a trip around the world as you explore the unique beauty of some of the most distinctive styles. You’ll naturally be drawn to a look that suits your personality and your lifestyle. And your pool builder will offer practical advice related to longevity, installation costs, maintenance, environmental considerations and more.

One thing to keep in mind is that your tile choice will impact the overall landscape aesthetic. So before going wild with an exotic pattern, vivid color or of-the-moment finish, think about how it will affect the space at large. Also consider whether a particular look could become dated before its time. Getting stuck in an era may be why some tile designs are perennial favorites.

Some of the more popular choices today include simulated stone, glass and porcelain. Glass tiles create a clean, iridescent look and are often seen in luxury settings. Porcelain is terrific because it doesn’t absorb heat like slate can, so it’s an excellent choice for the pool deck. Other options include pebble rounds and all manner of mosaics.

One way to inject an exotic flavor into a timeless design is through accent tiles. These decorative tiles can add a touch of Tuscany, the Southwest, Greece or Morocco without going over the top. Or perhaps a botanical or marine-life theme is more apropos.

Whatever your tastes, your Sarasota pool builder can bring that vision to life.