Ways to Use Your Pool for Fitness

You look at your pool as a thing of beauty. A serene setting meant for rest and relaxation, entertaining and good times. What your pool builder didn’t tell you is that it’s really a gym disguised as a watery oasis.

We’re only half kidding. The pool does, in fact, provide everything you need for a complete workout. It’s called water.

Any movement in water is met with continuous resistance, which keeps your muscles engaged whether you’re splashing around for fun or actually trying to get a workout. What’s more, water “neutralizes” gravity so there’s no stress on your joints, unlike high-impact and weight-bearing exercises done on dry land. That means you could work out every day with minimal risk of injury.

In a previous blog we discussed aquatic fitness accessories designed for everything from weightlifting to running and swimming in place. But even if you invest in nothing but a beach ball, noodle or kickboard, you can get a fantastic workout that will burn fat, trim inches and tone muscles performing moves that feel like child’s play. We found some awesome photo and video demonstrations of easy-to-learn exercises. Here are a few favorites.

Learn fun toning exercises like the Otter Roll, K-tread, Wavemaker, Pike Skull and more at Fitness Magazine. Of course you can easily make up your own routines, but take a peek and see what a water workout can do for a body!

Details does the same for men with an awesome pool-based workout that features a mix of cardio and strength-building moves sure to bust exercise boredom. They also identify what body parts are targeted so you can focus on areas that need the most attention.

workouts Self magazine keeps things simple with interesting workouts using noodles. The pictures show proper form and make it look easy and fun. Kids will even want to get in on the action, and that means more family time while setting a good example about the importance of fitness.

You may never look at your pool the same after seeing what’s available right in your own backyard. So much for excuses!