The Value a Pool Can Add to Your House

Ask pool owners to describe the value a swimming pool has added to their house, and they’re more likely to talk about quality of life than property value. Sure, it can increase property value, but it’s nearly impossible to put a price tag on enjoyment!

A pool’s greatest value is that it enhances the luxury of your home. Not only does it beautify the backyard, it creates an oasis for entertaining and offers endless opportunities for relaxation, health and recreation.

Should you ever sell your home, the right homebuyer will agree. Not everyone will, of course. But for middle-aged homebuyers with teenage children or empty nesters, a pool might top their list of wants. And if you live in an upscale neighborhood where pools are common, not having one could actually be a downside.

If you’re curious about other factors that help determine the extent a pool adds value, check out this list. The more that apply, the better!

  • You live in a warm climate
  • There is no community pool in the development
  • The pool is well-maintained and does not need updating
  • The style of pool fits the home and neighborhood
  • There’s green space available for a yard, a garden or play area
  • The size and style of the pool complements the house
  • There is decking, landscaping and other features
  • It has a spa, heater and/or cover

With the emphasis in recent years on outdoor living, staycations and home entertaining, pools just make sense. And while statistics do show an increase in property value of homes with pools — an average of 7% or more — that’s typically not what motivates homeowners to install a pool. It’s all the other factors that make it worthwhile. So if you plan to live in your home for years, a pool can make those years much more pleasurable.