Getting your Pool and Outdoors Ready for Football Season

Football season means a lot of time spent on the couch. And no matter how small, every get-together is centered around the TV because no one wants to miss a second of the game! If you’re a football fan and a pool owner, you can enjoy both at the same time with just a few tweaks to your exterior.

Instead of the laborious (and risky) process of bringing your expensive TV outside, consider investing in a weatherproof model that stays outdoors year round. They’re designed with special features that indoor electronics don’t have, like an antiglare screen, and they’re impervious to heat, humidity, cold and rain — much like your favorite athlete.  At the very least, wire your patio and install outdoor speakers so that anyone taking a halftime dip can still hear the entertainment.

But seriously, what could be better than watching the game from the comfort of your pool deck? Just make sure there are enough comfy chairs on hand for everyone, some little tables scattered around to hold drinks, and a few home decor items to give it that recreation-room feel.

Since warm weather and football season overlap, invest in a couple of fans to keep air circulating. Look for fans that are UL damp rated for outdoor use. Also, a pest-attracting device will help control bugs after the sun goes down.

You have a great pool deck, so use it. With just a few tweaks and additions, you can create the perfect outdoor setting for football season — one that’s closer to the grill. Now that’s a winning strategy!