Halloween pool

Decorate your Pool for Halloween

Have you noticed that more homeowners than ever are getting into the Halloween spirit? Entire neighborhoods are coming to life as families decorate their yards, walkways and porches with imaginative and haunting displays. It sure makes the month of October a fun time to get out and about!

While you’re shrouding shrubs in cobwebs and creeping out your home’s curb appeal, why not carry the theme to your backyard and pool deck? It will set the mood and maybe even inspire you to have a party. Decide whether you want the look to be whimsical or spooky and go from there. Halloween is the perfect time to be creative with your home, so make sure your pool becomes a part of your spook-tacular design!

Your scheme might be goth, with lots of dark purple, black and white with drops of red for drama. Think vampires, witches, coffins and spiders. Or go traditional with orange, lime green, purple, black and silver. Use smiling or scary pumpkins, scarecrows and ghosts as décor. You can easily modify this to a Thanksgiving them when Halloween is over.

Lighting will dramatically enhance the setting, and that goes for the swimming pool as well. Colored LED lighting can give your pool an eerie glow or turn your spa into a boiling, blood-red cauldron. Go one step further and create interest on the water’s surface with battery-operated floating candles, Funkins (faux pumpkins), or devil rubber duckies. Line the pool perimeter with colored votives. Or use mason jars filled with water and a glow stick. Try it, it looks amazing!

Fall has arrived and Halloween is the perfect excuse to trick out your backyard — even if your kids have long escaped your domain. You just never know who might drop in for a treat. With a few choices, you can make your pool your own personal Halloween cauldron!