Take Your Memorial Day Party Poolside!

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, a time where your family and friends can enjoy more quality time outside. This is also the beginning for a pool owner’s busy season, and you’ll certainly want your guests to know your lanai will be the celebration hub for any special occasion, and this holiday will be your chance to impress.

If you want to make your Memorial Day pool party a splash hit with family and friends, keep several items in mind as you plan the event:

Prepare Your Pool

While Floridians can keep enjoy their pools year-round, you will want to make certain it is clean and ready for a party! Make sure your pool’s chemical levels are balanced out. You can obtain testing kits and supplies at a local pool store so you can make any necessary adjustments. Oftentimes, pool owners need to make sure chlorine is at the right level. Our pools eliminate this hassle with a saltwater generator, which converts salt into chlorine. This reduces any chemical smells and makes pool water easy on your guests for a fun day!

While pool cages keep plenty of unwanted pests and debris away from your festive oasis, some debris can still make its way into your pool. In the days leading up to your party, spend time skimming the pool surface for additional maintenance. This will make those crystal-clear waters a sight to behold!

Plan Your Theme and Decorations

A good theme and accompanying decorations will go a long way in making your Memorial Day party an unforgettable event. This holiday honors those who died protecting our country’s freedoms, so a patriotic theme is an ideal choice. You have several ways to show off your red, white and blue:

Streamers and Balloons: An effective way to show patriotic flare is with streamers and balloons. Stores carry these items in abundance, so you can stock up on these party essentials before the big day! Streamers are an ideal decoration to hang around the sliding doors leading to the lanai. You can also add a patriotic touch to an outdoor kitchen by hanging them from end to end. Use this item and decorate as you see fit.

Flags: When it comes to the more patriotic holidays, the flag is a must. Fortunately, you can incorporate this essential item in a variety of ways. You can buy flag-themed napkins and tablecloths to get your outdoor space into the holiday spirit. You can have pool-goers bring their own towels for drying off, but you can also offer the option of towels with the flag design.

If you want to make use of a flag for the pool, planters can help! You can find smaller flags and add them into this section of your own oasis. The flag is a versatile holiday decoration, so you can see which sections of your lanai are lacking décor and find a way to use it!

LED Lights: As our lanais offer screened cages, your festivities can continue into the night without the intrusion of uninvited pests, but pool owners will need to turn on pool lights for safe swimming. Use your light as another decoration by swapping in a colored light. Our pools leverage LED lights, allowing you to swap in a red or blue light that will entice guests to take a nighttime dip. 

Food and Drink

A Memorial Day pool party isn’t complete without food and drinks! As the unofficial start to the summer season, you will want guests to enjoy their meals and refreshments by the pool. The holiday also brings a plethora of American staples to mind, so you have endless options to create a culinary spectacle.

Party appetizers: To warm up your guests’ taste buds, chips and dip are a popular option for outdoor parties. However, this season is also when a variety of classic fruits are ripe for enjoyment! Your company can enjoy favorites such as watermelons, bananas, strawberries, cherries and blueberries before the main course. To enhance your presentation, you can arrange these fruits on a platter as the American flag. If you expect guests to move around as they eat, you can prepare a flag-themed fruit skewer!

Grill Out: For this event, many find grilling to be a popular option for dinner. This is the perfect opportunity to serve up classic items such as hamburgers and hot dogs for your hungry guests. If there are any picky palates, you can also encourage guests to bring in their choice food and grill it how they like!


While many will enjoy hamburgers and hot dogs, you can enhance this experience with a condiment bar! You can set up your outdoor area to include for items such as ketchup, mustard, lettuce, onions and even a host of different buns. Provide a variety so your guests can craft a burger or dog to their personalized tastes.

Drinks: Say cheers to the summer with your guests over a few drinks! Be sure to have plenty of water and soda on hand so guests can stay hydrated outside. When it comes to a pool party, lemonade is another popular option.

If your guests enjoy cocktails, include a tasting during your event. Frozen cocktails are especially popular at a pool party, with two iconic summer drinks being strawberry daiquiris and piña coladas. These party pleasers’ additional appeal is how they can be made into mocktails for children. If you plan on making drinks, make it an event fun for all ages! Keep your drinks in plastic cups, since bottles and drinking glasses can turn into a poolside hazard if they break.

Kick off your summer with an unforgettable Memorial Day pool party. If you are looking to create a private retreat that can be the perfect setting for any celebration, contact Waterscapes for more information.