Diving Into the Pool Design Process

What are the two key elements for creating your dream pool? Having a crystal-clear vision and the right partner to execute it. Waterscapes Pools & Spas has a team of experts who create truly unique pools   – each one capturing a unique vision of the ideal Florida lifestyle. While developing and creating the ideal swimming pool design is exciting, it can still be overwhelming for many.

Waterscapes recognizes how important each step of this journey is and we want to explain what the journey entails. In knowing what to expect, you can ease your concerns and dive into designing your vision with a team ready to create pools that make big waves.

From a personalized design session to swimming pool installation, here are the steps your team will take:

1. Basics With an Expert

The journey begins with a conversation led by one of our pool designers. This first session covers several key items: access for construction, positioning of the pool and obtaining the proper measurements needed for the virtual rendering. This step creates a snapshot of the possibilities your lanai has for your dream pool.

During this time, Waterscapes wants customers to be comfortable with meeting their designated team. To assist with this, our meetings can be conducted in our offices or from the comforts of your home. Regardless of your preference, Waterscapes guides you through these discussions and provides the information you need to confidently plan your pool.

2. Design Your Pool

After this initial meeting, you will meet with your consultant again to actualize your design. This is meant to be an enjoyable step, but it requires you to make decisions about what your tailored oasis should look like.

To facilitate this discussion, we suggest looking at and bringing in images of pool designs you personally enjoy. Our pools have customizable shapes, so you can choose if you want a sleek, clean line design or if you want a freeform style. Taking a look at current designs might inspire you to take your inground pool’s look in a new direction. You will also get to see the virtual rendering, providing a more concrete image as to what your swimming pool will look like.

“The biggest thing a client can do to prepare is to bring in some pictures of designs they really like,” says Waterscapes’ pool designer Jordan Trent. “When we have a starting point, it makes this appointment more productive because our client has done some research and knows what they like.”

Waterscapes also recommends creating an ordered list of must-have features for your pool to separate what you truly need from what doesn’t matter. Do you want bubblers for functionality? Are you geared towards aesthetics and want deck jets or planters? Want to lounge on built-in sun shelves? Consider these features for your list and see how they fit into your budget.

3. Permit Your Pool

Before the pool is made, it needs a building permit. While counties have different requirements for inground pools, they all generally follow the Florida Building Code. While our team processes the permit, you will need to submit a form to your HOA for approval during this time. Communities have differing conditions for new construction, so you will want to submit this form to get your association’s sign off and keep things on track.

Upon approval, your construction team will gather all the necessary materials to make your dream into a reality. Before we begin, one of our Pool Construction Managers will have a pre-construction meeting with you at the site. Here, we will provide you with a general timeline and the opportunity to ask any lingering questions before we start.

4. Layout and Excavation

With a permit in place and design in mind, Waterscapes can now start your pool! Our layout team kicks off the pool installation process by removing visible surface material and then forming the area to be dug. Our team will then dig the pool to its correct depth and in the case of any water discovery, prepare de-watering equipment.

The process continues by adding reinforced steel to the floors and walls. This is key for the creation of the shell, the foundation for any inground pool. To create the shell, we use durable gunite and apply it at a high velocity (a process called “shooting”) to define the pool’s shape.

5. Plumbing and Deck Installation

Once you have a solid foundation in place, plumbing is the next phase. Our plumber makes all the necessary connections to the pool shell and will then lay the piping to the equipment’s location.

Many Floridians want to enjoy the outdoors without worry about bugs and other unwanted pests, making pool cages a popular option. During this step, a contractor creates the footer and perimeter of your pool deck. As the concrete is poured, electrical wiring is also placed where needed.

Once the soil in the footer is leveled, we create the base for the pavers. You can select concrete pavers or travertine patios, durable options offering natural beauty and a seamless installation for your pool area.

6. Equipment Setup

With concrete now poured, the necessary equipment and many of your desired features will be installed. This begins with finalizing pump and filter installation by connecting the plumbing. Waterscapes utilizes saltwater chlorinators in our pools. This equipment is a more effective and inexpensive option that turns salt into chlorine, easily maintaining pool cleanliness and chlorine levels.

The final piece of equipment is your pool enclosure. Part of it is made off-site but the rest is completed during installation. When this step is completed, your lanai will begin to feel like a personal beach.

7. Finishing Touches

To complete your pool, we do an exposed aggregate (plaster) finish, sealing the pool shell and providing the breathtaking aesthetic to the pool’s walls and floor. The interior pebble finish is a popular option, but you have a large assortment of options to give your pool a personal finish. This is a two-day process (one for installation and another for light cleaning), but brings this adventure to its final step.

Your pool is not complete until you can admire that clear blue pool water. Depending on the size, your pool can take 24 to 48 to completely fill up. Once filled, your equipment will be started and chemicals will be added to balance all chemical levels. If you are worried about how to operate your equipment, Waterscapes provides a “Pool School” for new pool owners after the first 30 days, providing you with everything you need to know about using your equipment and keeping your blue pool water clean year-round.

Pool Design 3

During design selection, you have the option to include an auto-fill feature for your pool. This feature will start filling a pool with water when it goes below a certain level. Instead of manually filling the pool with water, this feature can handle the task without you needing to expend additional effort.

8. Enjoy Your Pool!

Pool Design 4

Take a moment to walk around the pool deck and let the completion of your new favorite spot sink in. You had plenty of decisions to make but thanks to the combined efforts of your imagination and construction team, you now own a pool reflecting your own personal tastes. Be proud of this monumental accomplishment and enjoy the relaxing waters.

A pool is a significant investment but upon successful installation, you will see it is worth the wait. Waterscapes is ready to help you create with a team dedicated to high-quality products and your vision.