holiday pool decoration - christmas tree

A Guide for Holiday Pool Decorations

It is December and for Floridians, the weather outside is certainly not frightful. The season is perfect for spending time with loved ones and enjoying a line-up of parties.  This is also the perfect season for bringing out the holiday decorations to create a festive atmosphere!

One primary advantage of Florida’s warm weather is the ability to take your holiday parties outside and use pool decorations to create excitement for another joyous season. Regardless of what your itinerary is for holiday parties, there are plenty of ways you can get your pool in the spirit.

With a few tips from our team at Waterscapes, you can turn your pool area into a Winter wonderland offering a warm and cozy feeling from the moment you step outside.

Deck the Halls with the Right Décor

During this time of the year, you will see plenty of festive decorations everywhere you go. These grand displays can also be applied to your lanai. To bring out the holiday spirit in a warm climate, keep these holiday decorations in mind:

1. Lights: If you need pool decorating ideas for a fun environment, make use of string lights! The lights come in a variety of colors, and you’re only limited to your imagination in the ways you can arrange them for pool décor. You can place these around the entrance opening to your lanai or draw attention to a planter area by wrapping lights around them. You have plenty of spots you can use, so you’ll want to arrange your lights in a pattern that allows you to follow your yuletide bliss.

Holiday pool decoration lights

Another suggestion is to use an LED light in your pool for a more festive holiday swim. You can choose bright colors like green and red. Be careful with the latter color, a bright red pool light might make Rudolph jealous!

2. Candles: The nights are longer in Winter, perfect for making your pool area merry and bright with candles. Many stores sell scented candles that bring out the aromas of holiday treats (gingerbread cookies and candy canes, for example). This is the perfect way to use holiday pool decorations that invoke your guests’ beloved childhood memories of the holidays.

3. Flowers: For any holiday or season, flowers are a versatile decoration for calling attention to your pool or entertainment areas. During this time of the year, the holiday staple is a poinsettia, a small yellow flower surrounded by beautiful red foliage, representing cheer and success. If you plan to use poinsettias as a decoration, take a look at your lanai and see the places it can add a visual punch. You can place them around your pool area in festively colored planters. If you want to enhance the presentation of your outdoor space, poinsettias work great as table and island centerpieces.

4. Pool Toys: Regardless of age, pool toys with a tropical twist on the holiday season are certainly great pool party decorations. You can have Santa unwind from the stress of the season as he floats on the water in a swimsuit. You can even find snowmen taking a dip in the water while they cool down. For some added Christmas flair, you can also find floatation devices resembling reindeer, ornaments and peppermints. Looking for a way to have a Christmas tree outside? You can find numerous tree floats and pick one that invites your guests in for a holiday swim.

Create the Feeling of Home for the Holidays

Holiday pool decorations can set the right mood, but when it comes to parties for hosting, think about how you should arrange your entertainment area. This will be the focal point of holiday festivities, so decorations are a must.

If you want guests to feel at home, we have a few suggestions for how you can transform these spaces into holiday hubs.

1. Snowflakes: While Floridians may not see any snow come down, it doesn’t mean you can’t have some in your lanai! Remedy the situation with white paper and a few pairs of scissors. You can then fold the paper several times and make cuts wherever you desire. Upon unfolding, you’ll see your own personally created snowflake. You have a variety of options for what you can do with these – use them as pool décor around a table or string them together in places needing a touch of decorative snow.

holiday pool decoration snowflakes

If you are expecting company to bring young children to your beachy wonderland, you can turn this into a fun holiday activity. Real snowflakes have their own unique shape, so you can invite others to partake in creating this pool decoration. This craft not only allows you to create an outdoor event, but it also allows you and your loved ones to add a very personalized touch to your lanai.

2. Wreaths: A classic holiday decoration, wreaths are often used to decorate doors, welcoming your guests in. While these are commonly seen during the holidays, wreaths offer a variety of designs, allowing you to customize the way you welcome friends and family to your pool area. You can stick with the classic but elegant evergreen ones adorned with decorations and holly, but you can also pick wreaths with a nautical look, perfect for drawing friends and family to your pool. If you want to get creative, you can even create your own wreath using a pool noodle as the base!

3. Furniture: While you don’t need to completely change your furniture for pool parties, an alteration in colors, particularly for throw pillow and cushions, will make a world of difference. For holiday colors, red, green and plaids are the major trend for Christmas but for holidays such as Hanukah, you can use blue, gold and silver. For Kwanza, you can use red, black and green. While holiday-centric colors are sure to be noticed, don’t be afraid to use your own holiday-themed pillows to make the area feel unique to you and your guests.

4. Music and Atmosphere: To encourage your guests to stay outside for the fun, create the right atmosphere for them. Start by creating a playlist of tunes to bring your guests to the main entertainment area. You can make your own selections, but be sure to find out what holiday songs your company enjoys. They’ll enjoy hearing their own personal choices and might incite a little caroling among your guests.

To capitalize on the holiday season, you can create a variety of activities for outdoor entertainment. Make your pool area a place to unwind with a drink station featuring holiday classics such as eggnog, coffee, cocoa and cider. If you expect younger guests or holiday enthusiasts, you can also make your pool area the perfect setting to read stories such as Twas The Night Before Christmas, The Polar Express or A Christmas Carol out loud.

With your favorite decorations and a little imagination, you can create pool parties that bring plenty of holiday cheer to your guests. While there are various ways you can deck out your pool, make sure you use the decorations you enjoy the most. Make a holiday party showcasing your own style!

From all of us at Waterscapes Pools & Spas, we wish you a very happy holiday season!