LED Pool Lights: Stunning, Innovative, and Practical

A Life without LED Pool Lights

Imagine this.

It’s a warm Saturday night. The weather couldn’t be better for the evening pool party you have planned.  You’ve set the theme, matched the decorations, and everything thing is just right. 

7:00 rolls around, and the beauty of a Florida sunset surrounds you and your guests (the two who decided to show up on time).  Breathtaking hues of red and orange glisten on the water; the smell of food lightly fills the air; everything is awash in beauty. 

Your hard work for the evening has paid off.

One of your guests says how astonishing your pool looks.  You can’t help but to be filled with pride . . . until it dawns on you . . .

Once the sun goes down, your pool is going to lose its luster.

Your pool lights can hardly illuminate the pool itself.  How can they possibly showcase all of the effort you put into making a perfect night?  Unless the rest of your guests show up in the next five or ten minutes, they are going to miss this perfect moment.

Well, what if sunset could be the prologue to an even more colorful story?  What if you could make your pool stand out even more after all natural light has faded?

Well, thanks to changes in pool and lighting technology, you can.

LED: Shattering Expectations

From vehicles to television sets, almost every type of technology has embraced LED lighting.

LED lighting is known to be:

  • Longer Lasting
  • Cost-efficient & Eco-friendly
  • Colorful
  • Versatile

Now that pool designers have embraced the use of LED pool lights, isn’t it time you did too? It’s time to ditch incandescent lights and learn why the lifespan, cost effectiveness, and unbeatable aesthetic properties of LED pools lights are making quite the splash.

Depths-DarkDon’t Get Left in the Dark

Have you ever been in a pool as the sun goes down?

The lighting turns on in the shallow end, sure, but you are swimming in the darker, much deeper end of the pool.

Perhaps the lights aren’t working.  Maybe it was too much of a hassle to replace them.  Maybe there’s something blocking the light from reaching these murky depths.

Does it matter? Your peaceful swim just turned into a scene straight out of a horror movie.

As a pool owner, you don’t want to let this happen to you or a guest.  Who wants a pool that is memorable for all the wrong reasons? Not only are LED pool lights more effective at illuminating all areas of your pool, but they have a lifespan that is unbeatable.

Incandescent lights, the ones we’ve all spent time and money replacing again and again, are designed to last somewhere between 1,000 to 2,000 hours.  That may seem like an impressive amount of time, but when you compare it to LED pool lights, which last 25,000 to 50,000 hours, it’s hard to ignore how outdated incandescent lighting has truly become.

Energy Costs – LED Lighting is the Wave of the Future

While we don’t often think of the cost of lighting.  It adds up over time.  Not only does it affect our overall energy bill, but it adds stress to the energy infrastructure.  LED lighting is, hands-down, going to cost you less money to run.  It also puts less stress on the environment.  By equipping your pool with LED lighting, your wallet will smile and nature will thank you.  Just one glance at the chart below and you will see very evident savings.

Versatile – Colorful – Dazzling

LED Pool Lights are Stunning


Perhaps one of the greatest things about using LED lighting over traditional incandescent lighting is the ability to customize your display.  With the right setting, you can turn an evening pool party into an event to remember.  Whether you use one color or multiple colors, your pool will stand out . . . and that’s not all.

Did you know that LED lighting adds a degree of safety to your pool?  Human eyes are dark-adapted.  We see colors with a higher temperature with much greater clarity.  LED lights produce a higher temperature light, which means that we can see more clearly using them.  For this reason, high performance vehicles and even television sets have starting using LED technology.

LED pool lights also penetrate water more easily.  This means that late night swimmers will be able to see better, creating a safer environment.  No more horror movie scenes.

LED – Time for a Change

If you’re not convinced, now is the time to talk to the folks at Waterscapes.  Not only will an expert be able to answer your questions, but (from May 2017 – June 2017) Waterscapes will be running a special on LED pool lights! Don’t let your pool lose its luster once the sun goes down.  Showcase your pool in every lighting condition.

It’s time to invest in a whole new dimension of cost-saving versatility by investing in LED pool lights.