Building a Pool – Without Making Waves!

When asked why Martin Koetters and his wife Jacquelyn decided to live in Florida, it all boils down to one word: climate. After living in several states and finally settling down in a Neal Communities home in Florida, they decided to move into another community – Woodland Trace – and build their second Neal Communities home with one special addition, a pool.

Four years ago, the Koetters decided on a Neal home because of the company’s reputation and community presence. When they decided to move again, in 2016, the choice was easy; they would build another home with Neal Communities.

“We didn’t even consider another home builder after our original experience with the team at Neal Communities,” says Martin Koetters. “There’s a reason the company has been in business for this long – the experience was great. Their follow through is unmatched and they really live up to the guarantees. We just knew it had to be a Neal home.”

Being such fans of the Florida climate, the Koetters also decided that this time around they would add a pool. During the building process, the Koetters were introduced to Waterscapes Pools & Spas, one of Florida’s largest residential pool builders and a subsidiary company of Neal Communities.


“Building a pool is a huge project, so we decided to build the pool while we built the house to alleviate a lot of issues down the road,” he says. “It was a very convenient process – all of the subcontractors and appointments were scheduled so the project would flow. We didn’t feel like things would be missed or put on hold because of how organized the companies seemed to be and how well they worked together to finish the project.”

The process went without a hitch from start to finish. After deciding on the home, Martin and Jacquelyn worked with the team to see how much space was left for a pool. After that, it was a matter of choosing their ideal pool.

“We looked at pools with different shapes and features, but we ultimately decided on a rectangular pool,” Martin says. “The style we chose gave us the right amount of water and depth, but didn’t diminish the amount of deck that we had around the pool. It was a win-win!”

Martin is quick to point out that he didn’t feel as though the Waterscapes team had a quota to fill or a commission goal. “The team really listened to what we wanted,” he says. “They didn’t try to upsell us or give us something we didn’t need or want. When we decided on our pool, they helped us pick out the elements that worked with the space. That was very appreciated – it wasn’t a difficult process where we had to fight for what we wanted. We weren’t being sold a pool, we were picking a pool package that fit our lifestyle and our desires.”

After meeting with their designer, the couple selected materials with Jacquelyn’s eye for style and the process of building began.


“The installers were polite, professional and pleasant – and we even had some fun with them during the process.”

Martin considered whether or not to add a heater to their pool. The Waterscapes team went above and beyond to accommodate that possibility. “In the beginning stages, we decided not to add a pool heater,” says Martin. “However, the team is so thorough that we decided we might want to add one eventually, so they set us up for that possibility. The team made sure the components were available so that we could add a heater if we decided too. They even helped educate us on the different types and styles of heaters. In the end, after the process was completed, we ended up adding a heater and because of their prep work, it’s worked without any problems.”

All in all, the Koetters would highly recommend Waterscapes Pools & Spas to anyone looking to build a pool. “We feel like the team deserves five stars all around. If issues arise, they are quick to handle everything, and they make sure the customers feel like they are important. They don’t pressure you into anything, they really have your interests in mind throughout the process.”

Enjoying their time as empty-nesters, the Koetters like to entertain. Since they moved into their new home 2 months ago, they’ve been loving their new space. Martin enjoys grilling and tries to cook out at least three times a week – whether it’s for dinner or just a simple lunch of burgers and hot dogs. Their beautiful pool features a waterfall, and they couldn’t be happier.

“Looking back on the process, we are very happy with the results,” Martin says. “We love that the pool and outdoor space flows into the feel of our backyard – our lot backs up to a preserve and the swimming pool just seems to blend in. We love spending time in the space and are so glad that we chose Neal Communities and Waterscapes for our perfect Florida home.”