Glass Tile: Florida Pools That Shimmer

Are you considering installing an in-ground pool or even revamping your existing pool?  If so, pay close attention.  This spring, glass pool tile is one of the hottest trends in Florida pools.  Is it right for you?

ground pools

In-ground pools are a popular option for many Florida homeowners. These days, more and more in-ground pools are breaking the mold and becoming works of art! Because of changing technology, pools are not just a novelty. They are an extension of the landscape and overall aesthetic of the property.  Did you know that finishing your pool with glass tile is the perfect way to make your pool a vibrant and stunning addition to your home? Here’s why.

Changing Pool Technology

Pool TechnologyUsing tile to finish a pool is not uncommon.  In fact, you can probably think of multiple pools finished with a mix of plaster and tile, cookie cutter designs that couldn’t possibly be meant to reflect the unique aesthetic of their surrounding landscape.  Pool finishes have, in fact, been similar in design because technology was limited.  However, technology has changed, and stunning designs are no longer limited to luxury resorts and hotels.  Throughout Florida, options like aggregates, tile, and even glass tile have become increasingly popular.  You finally have the ability to make your pool as unique as your home!

Glass Tile: Your Pool as a Work of Art

Why glass tile for your pool?  It’s simple:  size and variation.  Because glass tile comes in smaller pieces and a myriad of colors, your pool can become a beautiful mosaic of color.  Even rounded corners can be easily decorated by beautiful designs.  With so much versatility, it’s easy to see why more and more Florida pools are using a glass tile finish.  However, the aesthetic value isn’t all that makes a glass tile finish worth considering.

Longevity and Texture

Glass tile is arguably the longest lasting pool finish.  Glass is stain resistant.  It does not fade.  This makes cleaning easy, and ensures that the most colorful elements of your pool will not become drab and sun-bleached over time.   A glass tile finish also adds an unbeatable texture to your pool.  Not only is glass tile comfortable to walk on, but it feels smooth against your skin.

Now, you may be thinking that ceramic tiles could perform the same as glass tile, but you will be selling yourself short.

Ceramic and Porcelain vs. Glass Tiles

Glass TilesCeramic tiles are a fantastic finish for a pool.  A glass tile finish, however, has an unbeatable vibrancy that simply can’t be copied.  As a finish, glass tile creates an aesthetic effect that literally shimmers. Because glass tiles are transparent, they provide this gem-like effect.  The transparency of glass tiles also allows for unique lighting effects.

So, whether you’re looking to put a pool in for the first time or want a fresh look for your current Florida pool, glass tile is one trend worth more than just a second glance.