5 Signs You Need to buy a Pool

The summer months in Florida are heating up. After a long day of work or time spent with the family, you can’t help but think about how refreshing it would be to jump into a pool. Not just any pool, but a pool of your own … one that you can be proud of. It’s not just the heat talking, though. Your mind simply can’t stop thinking about buying a pool … and you know what? It may just be a sign.

Here’s 5 Signs That You Need to Buy a Pool

1. Buying a Pool has Been On Your Mind

Building a pool is hardly done on a whim. You know this better than anyone. Not only have you dreamt of having your own pool, but you can’t stop yourself from already picturing it as a part of your home. In fact, instead of just visualizing your pool, tape measure in hand, you’ve mapped out exaclty where the pool of your dreams is going to fit.

Instead of watching cat videos on the Internet, you browse the web and find yourself looking at pictures of umbrellas, small tables, and outdoor seating. Because this is more than just a passing thought, you’ve thought of everything your pool area will need to be comfy, cozy, and accommodating. It’s become such a routine that, sometimes, you even find yourself waking up and putting on your swimsuit for a morning swim.

The fact is, you have done your homework. You’re just waiting for the right time to make your dreams of owning a pool a reality. You know you have the space, the funding, and the time to make it happen.

2. You Know the Type of Pool You Want

You’re basically a pool owner already. In your mind, your pool is perfect. Ultimately, you know that your pool designer is going to influence your final decisions, but you’ve already looked at the materials so much that you almost feel them against your bare feet. In fact, your pool design is so flawless that you’ve researched the materials in your budget, considered the limitations of your landscape, and you’ve even collected a portfolio of pool designs that appeal to you. They’re located in the folder right next to the funny memes you keep collecting from Facebook.

3. You Play Twenty-Questions With Pool Owners

If you find out a friend or acquaintance owns a pool, you just can’t help yourself. You find yourself asking about the three C’s: circulation, chemistry, and cleaning. Because this is more than a passing whim for you, you’re really just comparing notes. You have already considered your maintenance routine and how you will apply it once you buy a pool. You’ve even worked out how often your filter will run and budgeted for it! In fact, when the rest of Florida is thinking about fertilizer restrictions during the rainy season, you’re considering how rain water will affect your pool. You’ve even mapped out the safest places to store your pool chemicals, and you’re curious how other pool owners store theirs. Usually, you find that you know more about safe storage than they do!

4. You Plan to Stay in Your Home

You’ve really just been biding your time, waiting for the right moment to buy a pool. You don’t plan on selling your home in the foreseeable future, but you’ve also researched the value that building a pool can add to your home. You’ve gone so far as to estimate the amount of time it will take for your pool to be built. From the moment you buy a pool to the moment you take your first swim, you know exactly what you’re going to do while your yard is taken over by the installation process. Your watchlist on Netflix is filled with pool-themed movies to keep the momentum going while you wait!

Healthy Pool5. Best Pool Builders in Town? You Already Have Them Bookmarked

Even though you basically consider yourself a bonafide pool owner, you keep track of the best pool designers and builders in your area. You’ve talked to other pool owners; you’ve read the testimonials; most of your inspirational pool photos come from their site. The truth is that you’ve just been hesitating on pulling the trigger. It’s an investment, but you know the stars have aligned.