The Significance of Pool Water Temperature

One key advantage of Southwest Florida is the rare opportunity to enjoy refreshing dips in a pool year-round. With the warmer weather, many pool owners enjoy being able to jump into those clear blue waters and cool off after a long day. However, even cool waters can be too cold for a dip, requiring a change in water temperature! While not as dramatic as other

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The Best Pool Type

A pool is the ultimate amenity for any homeowner, offering a breathtaking aesthetic and a perfect escape any time of day. Whether it’s a relaxing retreat or the entertainment center for your next party, many agree that the crystal-clear waters are a sight to behold. While a pool’s overall appearance should be at the top of your mind, the material making the foundation of your

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Pool Care During Winter

One major advantage to living in Florida is the year-round warm weather. This almost endless summer provides us with the rare opportunity to keep our beautiful pools open all year and dive into crystal clear waters at our own leisure. However, with packed schedules and lower temperatures in winter, pools may see slightly less use during the season. With warm weather preventing pool water from

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pool before severe weather

Restoring Your Pool After Severe Weather

While living in Florida means plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures year-round, it also means facing the possibility of strong storms or hurricanes. After these storms pass, pool owners will begin the task of repairing any damage done to their personal paradises. What were once clear blue waters may now be cloudy and littered with debris and leaves. Post-hurricane cleanup can be a challenge, but

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Take Your Memorial Day Party Poolside!

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, a time where your family and friends can enjoy more quality time outside. This is also the beginning for a pool owner’s busy season, and you’ll certainly want your guests to know your lanai will be the celebration hub for any special occasion, and this holiday will be your chance to impress. If you want to make

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Diving Into the Pool Design Process

What are the two key elements for creating your dream pool? Having a crystal-clear vision and the right partner to execute it. Waterscapes Pools & Spas has a team of experts who create truly unique pools   – each one capturing a unique vision of the ideal Florida lifestyle. While developing and creating the ideal swimming pool design is exciting, it can still be overwhelming for

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holiday pool decoration - christmas tree

A Guide for Holiday Pool Decorations

It is December and for Floridians, the weather outside is certainly not frightful. The season is perfect for spending time with loved ones and enjoying a line-up of parties.  This is also the perfect season for bringing out the holiday decorations to create a festive atmosphere! One primary advantage of Florida’s warm weather is the ability to take your holiday parties outside and use pool

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Bring Autumn to Your Pool Area

Fall weather has settled into Florida, letting the holiday season come in full swing! This season of change invites somewhat lower temperatures, autumn-colored décor and a host of delectable treats. Floridians have the advantage of keeping their pools open year-round, allowing them to extend the fall festivities to their lanai. Autumn is perfect for enjoying quality time with your friends and family, so be sure

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Pool Deck Pavers: A Stylish Feature

While pools are the focal point of any lanai, many agree that the pool deck contributes to the overall beauty. To this end, pavers are a great feature for unlocking the full potential of your oasis. This element provides the opportunity to add your own design preference, showcasing your unique style and personality. Every element for a pool is a significant investment and pool deck

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saltwater pools

Saltwater Pools Vs. Chlorine Pools

When you’ve made the investment in a pool, you want it to be sparkling clean and ready for swimming whenever you are. That’s why it’s important to choose the pool cleaning and maintaining maintenance system that best matches your needs and lifestyle. When you work with Waterscapes Pools & Spas to create your Florida dream pool, you have two choices that are commonly referred to

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