Theraputic Benefits of Swimming Pools

Your Waterscapes Pools swimming pool may seem like only a luxury, something to enjoy on weekends, a place to relax. But your pool also offers therapeutic benefits, which can be especially helpful as you or a family member ages, during and after pregnancy, or when recovering from an injury. Pools are a fantastic way for people with disabilities to experience movement that would be impossible on

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Transitioning Kids to a Back-to-School Schedule

The start of a new school year is upon us. With much to do in preparation for this momentous occasion — shopping, meal planning, scheduling overdue lunch dates with girlfriends! — you may not have given much thought about transitioning your child to a more structured schedule. Oops! Don’t worry, you can make up for lost time. For younger children, experts recommend easing into a

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Nutritious Bag Lunches Your Kids Will Eat

Planning nutritious lunches is only half the battle. Getting your child to eat them is the bigger challenge. Young palates don’t always crave what adults know is good for them. So consider these tips and your child might actually prefer a bag lunch to cafeteria fare. Presentation is Everything The lunchbox has to be awesome. The PlanetBox — part bento box, part TV dinner tray — is

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The Value a Pool Can Add to Your House

Ask pool owners to describe the value a swimming pool has added to their house, and they’re more likely to talk about quality of life than property value. Sure, it can increase property value, but it’s nearly impossible to put a price tag on enjoyment! A pool’s greatest value is that it enhances the luxury of your home. Not only does it beautify the backyard,

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Homeowners Find Reassurance in Pool Builder’s Reputation

Martin and Jackie Koetters respect the power of reputation. The couple built a home in Woodbrook, a community by Neal Communities, southwest Florida’s premier, private homebuilder, a few years ago. They were impressed with the quality and inspired service that comes with building a Neal Communities home. In 2016, the Koetters decided they were ready for a change of scenery. Martin and Jackie looked at

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Hurricane Pool Preparation

We’re Watching the Atlantic It’s September and we’ve already seen Hurricane Harvey barrel through the southern part of the United States. With Irma targeting Florida, we’re all keeping an eye on the Atlantic. Now is the time to plan evacuation routes, prepare for loss of power and water, and, yes, prepare your pool for the storm. Sure, hurricane pool preparation may seem like a stressful

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Homeowner Praise for Waterscapes Pools & Spas

Cecil and Tammy Banhan wanted a pool that would reflect their family’s lifestyle. For the Preserve at Fishhawk Ranch couple and their two children, 14-year-old Trinity and 8-year-old Aidan, that meant a beautiful, non-traditional space that not only fit their home’s Spanish Mediterranean design but also afforded them plenty of space to actively entertain family and friends. In the interest of saving time, the Banhans

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Waterscapes Pools & Spas Wins Over Homeowner with Safety Awareness

Cammie Yick didn’t want to build a pool. In fact, she was adamantly against the idea. With three young children, Cammie was concerned about water safety. She also didn’t think her children, who were 5, 3 and less than a year old at the time, would even use a pool all that much. It wasn’t until Cammie and her husband, Andrew Yick, sat down with Waterscapes

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Keep a Healthy Pool in Summer

For most Floridians, the ultimate summer fantasy is picturesque.  It includes warm summer skies, a crystal clear healthy pool, and pristine beaches. While our soaring summer temperatures can be uncomfortable, nothing is better than escaping this heat by diving into the cool, blue water of your indoor or outdoor pool.   With a healthy pool, you can do this at virtually any time.  In the past, we’ve talked about rainwater and how it affects your pool, but did you know that these high

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Got Pool Envy? Pool Waterfalls Can Help!

You don’t need to go on vacation to experience the luxury of a pool waterfall or bubbler! Have you ever spent time in a luxury hotel pool?  Take, for example, Las Vegas, NV.  When tourists flock to this desert city, they need a place escape the dry heat.  Hotels like Caesars Palace are famous for their pool features including, pool waterfalls, pool bubblers, and resplendent pool fountains.  The

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