When it comes to swimming pools, there is nothing more calming than the sight of those breathtaking blue waters. That’s why many homeowners opt to build a pool, creating a scenic space perfect for unwinding any time of day, or the center stage for any special occasion with friends and family.

Building a pool is an exciting process, from choosing the pavers to the interior finish. However, the one particularly enjoyable step in this process is choosing your pool’s shape. After all, a pool is a part of your home, and it should highlight your own unique style while enhancing the beauty of the lanai.

While they each have their own unique advantages, you should think about the shape those blue waters will take in your lanai. If you need help deciding, we are going to take a deep dive into the two most common shapes and how they can create an oasis tailormade for you.


The Classic Design

When you think of a pool, the first image that probably comes to mind is a wide, rectangular shape. This is better known as a classic shape, and it’s an option that never goes out of style. This is the most recognizable style of pool, simplicity mixed with an elevated level of elegance. When it comes to a classic pool, there are three key reasons for their popularity:

1. The overall look: Timeless yet modern, this pool shape draws the eyes of many thanks to its sleek and sophisticated look. This is due to the straight edges, creating a well-defined shape that offers perfect symmetry in a lanai. The classic shape is highly versatile, allowing owners to really tailor the space to numerous architectural styles, enhancing visual appeal for this modern design.

classic design pool offering a feeling of balance in a lanai.

2. An activity center: Enjoying time outside lies at the heart of the classic pool shape. The classic design focuses on creating spacious pools, allowing you and your guest to enjoy plenty of waterside activities. Classic pool shapes can also have the depth adjusted during construction, so you can make a splash by jumping into some crystal-clear waters. Whether it’s for swimming laps, hosting parties, games or even teaching children how to swim, a classic pool design will keep you and guests active!

3. Most importantly, it’s customizable: The classic pool shape’s simplicity offers the biggest advantage: its versatility with customization options. Some might want features that encourage poolside activities. Others may want to sit back and enjoy beverages outside while admiring the pool’s beauty. The classic pool design can be equipped with plenty of customizable options from bubblers offering functionality to planters and deck jets that enhance the pool’s aesthetic. The customizations to a classic design are limited only to your imagination, allowing you to create a pool matching your lifestyle.


The Freeform Pool

All lanais pose their own advantages, such as beautiful nature views or more creative spaces that do not need to conform to a traditional design. If you want to make the most of your lanai and have a truly customized space, a freeform pool is another option. They can add a unique style suiting your personal preferences while highlighting your lanai’s best features. These pool designs gained popularity within recent years, and there are several reasons why:

1. Rounded edges: What sets freeform designs apart from others is their use of round edges. These edges create curved lines for your pool’s final shape, making it quite the unforgettable sight to behold. This makes the design easy to incorporate into a lanai, creating an inviting ambiance perfect for spending time with friends and enjoying the sun.

Freeform pool uses rounded edges and an organic shape to blend into nature.

2. Flexible design: Some lanais can have a challenging backyard layout or limited space for a pool. These scenarios are where freeform designs come into play. Freeform pools are also known as radius pools – being able to effectively cover any area a pool owner wants to place them. This shape offers plenty of flexibility, allowing your pool designer to creatively adjust it to fit any space while maintaining a chic look.

3. Blends well with nature: The most enjoyable part of a freeform pool is the natural feel it provides for a lanai. In nature, bodies of water never have a set shape, which is why they fit into their environments perfectly. A freeform pool’s organic nature allows it to blend in well with the surrounding area, becoming a part of nature itself. You will also have the opportunity to add creative landscaping once the pool is built, transforming your lanai into a true modern oasis!


No matter what shape you decide, your pool’s final design will be able to capture your idea of the Florida lifestyle. As one of Southwest Florida’s premier pool builders, Waterscapes has a dedicated team that can tailor the perfect pool to your lanai. If you are ready to start building your dream pool, contact us here.