Homeowners Find Reassurance in Pool Builder’s Reputation

Martin and Jackie Koetters respect the power of reputation. The couple built a home in Woodbrook, a community by Neal Communities, southwest Florida’s premier, private homebuilder, a few years ago. They were impressed with the quality and inspired service that comes with building a Neal Communities home. In 2016, the Koetters decided they were ready for a change of scenery. Martin and Jackie looked at

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Hurricane Pool Preparation

We’re Watching the Atlantic It’s September and we’ve already seen Hurricane Harvey barrel through the southern part of the United States. With Irma targeting Florida, we’re all keeping an eye on the Atlantic. Now is the time to plan evacuation routes, prepare for loss of power and water, and, yes, prepare your pool for the storm. Sure, hurricane pool preparation may seem like a stressful

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Homeowner Praise for Waterscapes Pools & Spas

Cecil and Tammy Banhan wanted a pool that would reflect their family’s lifestyle. For the Preserve at Fishhawk Ranch couple and their two children, 14-year-old Trinity and 8-year-old Aidan, that meant a beautiful, non-traditional space that not only fit their home’s Spanish Mediterranean design but also afforded them plenty of space to actively entertain family and friends. In the interest of saving time, the Banhans

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Waterscapes Pools & Spas Wins Over Homeowner with Safety Awareness

Cammie Yick didn’t want to build a pool. In fact, she was adamantly against the idea. With three young children, Cammie was concerned about water safety. She also didn’t think her children, who were 5, 3 and less than a year old at the time, would even use a pool all that much. It wasn’t until Cammie and her husband, Andrew Yick, sat down with Waterscapes

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Florida Holidays: Experiences to Remember

We Floridians love our inground pools and beaches. We bring friends over to enjoy the water and sun; we craft parties around our pools, using them as decorative centerpieces. When the weather starts to cool, we sometimes find ourselves looking for something else to do. This holiday season, don’t let the cool weather ruin your good time. There are plenty of things to do! If

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No Fall in Florida? Think Again.

By the end of October, Floridians usually start to accept the fact that summer is over and fall is coming. The mosquitoes are slowing, the pool toys are put away, and the rainy season is usually getting replaced by blue skies and drier weather. It’s during this time that a popular joke starts floating around on the autumn wind. To paraphrase, the joke goes something

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Halloween Pool Party

Halloween Pool Party? October is a time when the weather starts to cool, goblins and ghouls come out to trick or treat, and pool parties may seem like less of a good time than they would in the summer months. However, in parts of Florida, the weather isn’t always too chilly for the pool. In fact, even if the weather is cooling off too much

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Inground Pool & Rain

Rain Water and your Inground Pool In the final segment of our summer pool health series, we would like to address a common issue for many parts of Florida: heavy rains and inground pools. Heavy rains are a common occurrence in many parts of Florida. Rainfall can create problems for gardens, lawns, and even homes. Heavy rains are also a problem for inground pools. Many

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Mosquito Control and Pools

Mosquito control almost always comes down to prevention. If you live in Florida, you are very familiar with the nuisance of mosquitoes. Many have joked that the state bird of Florida should actually be the mosquito. Joking aside, mosquitoes are a nearly year round problem for many parts of the state. They are more than just a nuisance. Mosquitoes have the potential to be a

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Thongs beside a swimming pool

Beautiful Landscape… Unhealthy Pool?

Every pool owner knows that a green pool is a symptom of an unhealthy pool. Proper upkeep of pool chemical levels can usually prevent this, but one common cause is often overlooked.  What you don’t know… In Florida, pools are often part of a beautiful landscape design and a perfectly manicured lawn. Despite the state’s optimal growing conditions, many homeowners rely on fertilizers to keep plants looking lush

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