Halloween Pool Party

Halloween Pool Party?

October is a time when the weather starts to cool, goblins and ghouls come out to trick or treat, and pool parties may seem like less of a good time than they would in the summer months. However, in parts of Florida, the weather isn’t always too chilly for the pool. In fact, even if the weather is cooling off too much for a good swim, your pool can be the highlight of any party.

Warmer Weather Halloween Pool Party

If your area has yet to feel the chill of autumn, Halloween is a perfect reason for a pool party. A Halloween Pool Party might not be appropriate for costumes, but it can certainly have the same amount of fun. Consider dressing up your pool and creating fun games that will take the place of costumes. If you’re planning a Halloween pool party with swimming, you may want to consider scheduling it around Halloween (instead of on Halloween) so that your guests are able to still enjoy a good costume party or two.

Here are some activities for a warm-weather Halloween pool party:

  • Diving for glowsticks – weighted glowsticks will do the trick.
  • Orange and black inflatable balls for games in the pool
  • Bobbing for apples – yours guest won’t be in costume and will already be dressed to get wet
  • Easter-egg style trick or treating – hide Halloween candy in plastic eggs to let your guests find their treats. Be sure to add a few tricks too (plastic spiders, toys, etc.).

Cooler Weather Halloween Pool Party

If the weather is too chilly for a pool party that involves actual swimming, consider throwing a costume party. Your pool can easily become a centerpiece for the party and add to the chilly ambiance. Monika Thakur from homecrux.com has some ghoulish ideas for 15 spooktacular ways to enjoy a Halloween pool party. Here are some of our favorites.

  • Dye your pool red or green – there are pool-safe dyes, but click here for some tips on managing your pool after dyeing.
  • Add skeletons to pool chairs or floats for a scarier guest list
  • Float pumpkins or pumpkin buckets in your pool and illuminate them with LED lights or glowsticks for a creepy effect
  • Add dummy body-parts or full bodies to show your guests a monstrous good time

Pool Party Basics

Pool parties can be a lot of fun. The most important thing to remember is that safety comes first. Avoid using small props that can harm your pool. If your pool party involves swimming, recruit a friend or neighbor to help keep an eye on guests in the pool. Avoid using glass that can break and cut your guests. But most importantly, have a wicked-good time!