The Best Springtime Activity in Florida

Springtime in Florida

Spring has officially landed here in Florida, and our residents couldn’t be happier. Our winters may be mild, but that doesn’t change the impact of spring. Warmer weather, the bright colors and aroma of blooming flowers, and the chirping of newly hatched birds are all part of what makes the spring in Florida memorable. So, it is no surprise that many Floridians start seeking out healthy, outdoor activities. If you’re looking for a springtime activity that is going to help you find mental and physical health benefits, you want to consider swimming, gardening, and hiking.

Swimming: A Florida favorite Springtime Activity

Swimming is a springtime activity that can have an amazing impact on your health. Swimming in your inground or aboveground pool is a great way to exercise that has surprising benefits. It is considered a low-impact activity, which reduces the wear and tear on your body. Aquatic exercise is a full body workout. The resistance of the water helps your body build a stronger core. It is also healthy for the mind, peaceful, and often social. What could be better?

Connect with Nature – Take a hike!

Hiking is also considered a healthy springtime activity. Scientific evidence suggests we gain both psychological and physical health benefits from being near trees and in nature. In fact, being in nature (hiking, for example) helps to restore mental resources that become depleted by the day-to-day activities of modern society.  Some of these resources can be restored up to 50%! Beyond just the environment, the act of hiking is also extremely healthy. The right level of activity can have significant health impacts that include weight loss, lower cholesterol, lower risk of certain kinds of cancer, and more.

Gardening: Health Mind and Body

If you haven’t yet purchased your inground or aboveground pool or don’t have easy access to hiking (hard to imagine in Florida), you can also consider gardening. Gardening has long been considered a healthy springtime activity. Its stress-relieving capabilities are well established. While it might not be the most physical of the activities listed, it has a surprising amount of exercise and physical activity. Check out this chart to see how many calories per hour can be burned from the active side of gardening.

Pick What Works for You!

So, whether you’re a water baby, a tree hugger, or have a green thumb, spring is a wonderful time to increase outdoor activities. Picking a healthy springtime activity is sure to expand your world in multiple ways and increase your health and well-being.