Winter Care for Florida Pools

In Southwest Florida, “winter care for Florida pools” seems like an oxymoron. However, there are misconceptions about pool care during the winter months that can lead to disaster.  The truth is that winter care for Florida pools is very similar to what we do all year round, and it is just as important. This article will address the two main misconceptions that will ultimately save you a lot of money.

Less Rain Means Less Reasons to Test my Water’s Balance

Many people believe that because there is less rain in the winter months, you don’t need to worry about your pool chemicals as. This is only partially true. People, pets, and rainwater are often the worst culprits, but other contaminants can affect your pool as well. This is why winter care for Florida pools is extremely important.  Dust, debris, and small animals that get into your pool can throw off its chemical balance. Furthermore, we water our landscapes more when there is less rain. This runoff can also get into your pool and change its balance. So, it is very important to check your chemical levels as consistently in winter as you would other seasons.

Final Verdict: Test, test, and test again. If you don’t keep an eye on your pool’s balance, serious damage can occur. The few minutes you save by not testing your pool can cost you thousands in repairs.

Cooler Weather Means I Don’t Have to Run my Pump

This is false. While you may be less worried about algae in the cooler months, that doesn’t mean other bacteria are not growing in your pool. You also want your chemicals to disperse properly throughout your pool. Imagine a human body suddenly not having a heart. Your pump and filtration system are the heart of your inground pool. Cooler weather in no way makes it less essential.  The same debris mentioned above can also introduce harmful bacteria.  Because our Florida winters are very mild, it is very unlikely that your pool will get cold enough to kill off this harmful bacteria.  A circulating pool helps remove the debris, and it helps keep a healthy chemical balance.

Final Verdict: Run your pump 5 – 6 hours a day, depending on your pool’s specifications. Keeping your pool “alive” will keep it healthy all year long. Remember, just because your pool is clear, doesn’t mean it is free of contamination.

Winter Care for Florida Pools is Important

Winter pool care in Florida may just be a continuation of your yearlong practices, but it’s easy to forget. If you don’t have a service to do this for you, be sure to set up reminders on your calendar or smart phone. Just a few minutes can save you thousands!