Pool Fitness: Your New Year’s Resolution

Pool fitness has long been a growing trend for all ages. Can you make it part of your fitness resolution get fit and healthy?

According to Nielsen, the top new year’s resolutions of 2015 were to stay fit and healthy, lose weight, and enjoy life to the fullest. When you think about it, having a pool can help you achieve all of these resolutions!

Here’s why.

Pool Fitness: Versatile and Effective

According to Sarasota, FL fitness expert, Chaz Glunk, exercising in a pool creates a lightweight environment allowing those who have injuries or weaknesses find balance more easily. Glunk also explains that the water itself provides built in resistance, reducing the need for weights while still giving a thorough workout. Another great thing about pool workouts, he adds, is that exercising in an aquatic environment turns any exercise into a full body exercise. It almost feels easier, but provides many benefits for the entire body.

Pool Fitness:  Cardio

As part of a weight loss routine, the full-body workout and cardiovascular benefits of swimming are undeniable. You can burn anywhere from 145 to 380 calories in a half hour session from activities like water aerobics.  It’s important to note that this number depends not only on the level of intensity, but it also depends on your body weight. Regardless, you can easily turn your fun hobby into a weight loss routine with very little effort. By swimming, you will be burning calories, gaining flexibility, and reducing stress.

What could be better than that?

Stress Reduction in Your Pool

The stress reduction factor of swimming brings us to the final most popular resolution: living life to the fullest. Stress is a major factor in many of our day to day lives. Swimming offers relief from stress for many reasons. Dunking yourself into that cool blue water helps to separate yourself from your day to day tasks. The exercise routine that you do in your pool further achieves this by allowing you to focus on your body and breath. Furthermore, the increased cardiovascular activity and respiration helps your body physically deal with stress as well.
Given that a single pool can help achieve so many New Year’s resolutions, it’s a surprise that “get a pool” isn’t at the top of that list!