Waterscapes Pools & Spas Wins Over Homeowner with Safety Awareness

Cammie Yick didn’t want to build a pool. In fact, she was adamantly against the idea.

With three young children, Cammie was concerned about water safety. She also didn’t think her children, who were 5, 3 and less than a year old at the time, would even use a pool all that much.

It wasn’t until Cammie and her husband, Andrew Yick, sat down with Waterscapes Pools & Spas vice president John Collier two years ago that Cammie had a change of heart.

During their conversation, John explained the steps that Waterscapes Pools & Spas would take to ensure the area was safe – not only during construction but also once the pool was built.

By building the pool while their Fishhawk Ranch home was being built, they would eliminate the possibility of their children having to play around a construction zone. It also would keep them from having to build a retaining wall in their backyard if they decided to build a pool later on.

The pool also would come with a fence, which was a huge selling point for Cammie.

In the end, the Yicks decided to move forward with the pool installation while their home was being built.

“Sitting down with Waterscapes Pools & Spas is what changed my mind,” says Cammie. “John still checks in to make sure everything is working okay. Their customer service has been above and beyond.”

The couple closed on their home in March 2015, and they’ve been enjoying their custom pool ever since. Over the past two years, Cammie has encouraged her friends and neighbors to use the company.

The pool also has become the focal point of the house for the Yick’s three children, 7-year-old Caleigh, 6-year-old Beckett and 3-year-old Audrey.

“I didn’t think my children would use it as much as they do,” Cammie says. “If it’s not storming, they are in it every day. We are thrilled with our pool and just so happy with the whole experience.”

In addition to building their pool, Waterscapes Pools & Spas also has given back to a cause that hits close to home for both the company and the Yicks.

For the past three years, Waterscapes Pools & Spas has been a gold-level sponsor for Water Smart Tots, a nonprofit dedicated to eliminating pediatric drowning in Hillsborough County, where Cammie serves as the community outreach coordinator.

As a gold-level sponsor, Waterscapes Pools & Spas has donated $1,000 annually to help fund survival swim lesson scholarships for infants and young children, ages 12 months to 6 years, who are financially disadvantaged or who have special needs.