Homeowner Praise for Waterscapes Pools & Spas

Cecil and Tammy Banhan wanted a pool that would reflect their family’s lifestyle.

For the Preserve at Fishhawk Ranch couple and their two children, 14-year-old Trinity and 8-year-old Aidan, that meant a beautiful, non-traditional space that not only fit their home’s Spanish Mediterranean design but also afforded them plenty of space to actively entertain family and friends.

In the interest of saving time, the Banhans opted to forgo constructing a pool while their new home was being built two years ago, but the couple, who had never had a pool before, knew it was a feature they definitely wanted in the future.

So when the time came for the Banhans to begin meeting with different pool companies six months after moving into their new home, the couple knew they wanted to find a company that not only had a solid reputation, but also was willing to think outside the box to meet the Banhans’ needs.

The Banhans knew they wanted a pool that was both European and modern in design rather than the traditional kidney-shaped pools with rock features that were prominent in a lot of the designs they had seen.

Waterscapes Pools

After talking with several pool companies, the Banhans contacted Waterscapes Pools & Spas, one of southwest Florida’s largest residential and commercial pool builder and a sister company of Neal Communities, which has an existing relationship with Cardel Homes who built the Banhans’ Fishhawk home.

During their conversation with Waterscapes Pools & Spas’ pool designer Glen Peterson, the Banhans learned the company was not only the most competitive in terms of trying to earn the Banhans business, but also offered them the ability to see their visions for their pool and patio space come to fruition.

The Banhans ultimately went with Waterscapes Pools & Spas for their design and creativity, pricing and reputation not only as a pool builder but their association with Neal Communities.

“His design style seemed to fit really well with what we were looking to build,” says Cecil of Glen. “We wanted a pool that was non-traditional in both the size and the design. My wife had a very unique design concept and theme that she wanted to carry throughout the pool. Glen was great about taking our initial design cues and creating the initial framework.”

Waterscapes Pools & Spas began construction on the Banhan’s pool, spa and patio area in July 2016 and finished the project in November 2016. The project, which was a significant investment for the Banhans, features a 20-foot by 31-foot saltwater pool, a 49-square-foot spa and a sun shelf with ledge loungers. Travertine pads imbedded with black rock, glass mosaic tiles on the stairs leading down into the pool and glass around the pool complete the custom design.

“It’s stunning,” says Cecil. “We get so many compliments from everyone that comes over to the house. At Waterscapes, the designers are very talented and the ability to not have a cookie cutter pool is great. We enjoy the size. A lot of our neighbors have what we call little dunking pools, but we wanted a larger, more expansive area.”

In the days following the completion of the project, Aidan spent seven to eight hours a day in the pool. Since then, the Banhans have been able to enjoy their pool 12 months out of the year.

Waterscapes Spas

“We love the impact on our lifestyle,” says Cecil. “We spend more time in our backyard than any of our other living areas, ranging from swimming with the kids to my wife and I enjoying a glass of wine and a movie out there. It definitely has added a positive element to our lifestyle.”

The Banhans attributed the process of installing a pool to that of building a new home. And while minor issues are to be expected, the Banhans couldn’t be more pleased with the professionalism and customer service offered by the Waterscapes Pools & Spas team.

Over the past year, Cecil has become Waterscapes Pools & Spas’ top referral in the Preserve at Fishhawk Ranch, having referred several friends. The Banhans’ pool also has been used a showcase pool for its unique design and mix of materials.

“Waterscapes has been really good to us,” says Cecil. “There’s a level of comfort knowing there’s a corporate presence behind Waterscapes.”