Pool Parties: Not Just for Summer

When we think about pool parties, children’s games, barbeques, and summer birthdays often come to mind. However, there are a lot of reasons to celebrate all year round. Don’t let a chill in the air stop you from throwing a party that showcases your beautiful pool.

While most of the cooler months in Florida are mild, they are still not ideal for swimming. Your pool can be so much more than that! Cooler-weather pool-party options can easily have nothing to do with splashing around in the water and eating birthday cake. Here are some tips about how to throw a unique and extremely fun pool party in the cooler months of winter and early spring.

First, you will need to pick a theme. December and January have seasonal themes that are easy. For example, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years Eve all come to mind. As the months move forward, you can consider the Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and even April Fools Day.  Other themes include Earth Day, tax deadlines, and the start of the baseball season. All of these have familiar and iconic images that can be used to plan decorations, drinks, and food choices.

After you have settled on your theme, you will want to pick your decorations. This is when your pool can really become a centerpiece, something that people will remember. Plan your decorations around the time of day you plan to throw your party. Daytime or early evening parties can be a lot of fun. Use bursts of color that stay within a particular color scheme and use these around the pool.

Natural sunlight will make sure that your decorations don’t go unnoticed. Streamers, table cloths for the food stations, and floral arrangements can easily set the mood and keep your theme cohesive. If your party’s theme has iconic images, consider inflatable items like hearts, footballs, and shamrocks to fill your pool. Because it’s less likely that anyone will attempt to enter the pool, you can really utilize the space to create a stunning centerpiece.

Parties at night give you even more chances to show off your creativity and control of ambiance. If possible, use colored lights to illuminate the pool. Floating candles are also a great way to add ambiance and set a romantic theme. If it is going to be cold, place heating around the pool area to keep guests comfortable. Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces can liven up your pool area and also create a romantic feel. If those aren’t possible options, the overhead gas heaters that stand on a post can really heat up your party. Serving warm drinks such as cider and hot cocoa are other great options to keep your guests warm.

Food and drinks are essential for a successful party. Your theme can help guide your menu, and planning is essential. Even if you are having the party catered, you want to have a plan that is based on the size and diversity of your guests. For example, remember to have vegan or vegetarian options. Also, if hors d’oeuvres take the place of dinner, be sure to have substantial options that can ensure that your guests won’t be hungry. Be sure to also provide sweet options for later.

Finally, you want to consider safety. Plastic options for your dinnerware will ensure that cleanup will be easy and eliminate the risk of broken glass around or in your pool. Keeping chairs and tables near the pool, but away from the edge, will also help keep your guests safe and dry. If your theme is more playful and family-oriented, mark the edges and depth of your pool with waterproof tape. This will give parents a better idea of the “danger areas.” Bright, reflective colors can add to your theme and ensure the safety of your guests.

Don’t let cooler weather stop you from having fun with your pool. Pool parties are not just reserved for the summer months. Pick a theme, fun decorations, and be sure to keep safety in mind. Show off your pool in the cooler months. It will be a unique experience that will have your guests asking if they can come back next year.