Alternative Fitness Exercise Programs in the Tampa Bay Area

Are you looking for a new, alternative fitness exercise program in the Tampa Bay Area?  Do you want to get fit or lose a few pounds? Are you, like many, not a big fan of the gym? Well, there’s good news. Fitness doesn’t always happen inside a gym. While the Tampa Bay area and many other parts of Florida are teeming with “big box” gym options, the gym isn’t always a good fit for everyone. Luckily, there are plenty of unique and exciting alternative options. Some of these are right in your own backyard!

Instead of a gym, try an exercise class. Finding an exercise class that fits your lifestyle is a great way to start a long-lasting fitness exercise program that is more tailored to your personal goals. Businesses like CrossFitPure Barre, and Orange Theory Fitness are great examples. Each offers a specialized fitness exercise program and a different focus. These options also embrace the community aspect of fitness.  Many even offer the first class for free. Take advantage of this. Visit during your optimal workout times to make sure they have classes available that fit around your schedule.

Exercising in the great outdoors is another fantastic option. Instead of sticking to a regimented fitness exercise program, explore some of the amazing options that nature has to offer. According to the outdoors/fitness editor at The Tampa Bay Times, there are a lot of “great places for day hikes you can customize to your own fitness level.” Some examples that are listed include: Boyd Hill Nature Park (for beginners), The Florida Trail (for more intermediate level hikers), and Withlacoochee State Forest (for options ranging from beginners to expert hikers). With the potential for breathtaking views and feeling a connection with nature, hiking for exercise is a unique and fun way to stay fit.

Finally, consider using your own pool as a source of exercise. Create your own fitness exercise program.  By staying at home, you may lose some of the social aspects of taking a fitness class or going to a state park. However, you and your family can soak up the sun, burn calories, and use your own pool to find a new level of fitness. The value of having so many healthy activities in your own backyard pool cannot be overstated.

Whether you are new to fitness and looking to lose a few pounds or just looking to shake up your fitness exercise program, these are some fun ways to get fit in and around the Tampa Bay area. Regardless of where you live in Florida, there are plenty of fun options to get in shape. The mild weather and availability of beautiful, sprawling beaches makes it hard to find an excuse not to. Make that mind-body connection and challenge yourself to be a healthier you!