Spring Cleaning is More than a Tradition

Spring cleaning is more than a tradition; it is an essential part of transitioning between the seasons. While we typically think of spring cleaning as something that happens inside the house, those of us with pools, patios, and outdoor gardens know that it’s time to break out the gloves and sunscreen. In Florida, it also means that we’re racing to stay ahead of the pollen.

Winter in Florida is never consistent. Some winters are mild and uneventful. Others are cold and rainy. Regardless, unless you are throwing a winter-themed pool party, the pool can easily be neglected for a few months. Once the weather starts to warm, the pool comes back into focus.  Spring cleaning for you pool should include removing and cleaning your pool cover, preparing the plants around your pool by clearing away mulch and stray branches, and bringing the pool’s water up to your desired level.

You should also clean the ground around the pool before stains become permanent. According to the Orlando Sentinel, you can also use a household degreaser to remove unsightly stains from your deck. Be sure to read and follow instructions on the bottle. You should also be aware if your pool deck material requires any special instructions for cleaning. Porous materials, such as colored concrete, will more than likely require more care. So, do some research before starting your spring cleaning routine.

Chances are that if you’re busy sprucing up the appearance of your pool, you may be expecting guests. Whether you are throwing a party or just having friends over for dinner, our gorgeous Florida weather often encourages us to go outside. Spring cleaning for your patio is a great way to make sure that your patio leaves a fantastic impression. It may seem like an extra chore, but it’s just as important as a clean house.

According to Coastal Living, concrete patios can be degrimed with a 10:1 solution of warm water and an environmentally safe cleaner. They also recommend cleaning wood and wicker furniture with a soft brush and mild dish soap. Outdoor cushions can easily be cleaned with a sponge, water, and mild dish soap. These can dry in the sun. Wrought iron furniture may collect algae. This can be removed with a brush and a strong disinfectant. Also, don’t forget to clean your umbrellas and lighting fixtures before you need to use them.

Spring cleaning is also a necessary step for keeping gardens beautiful and healthy. HGTV Gardens has some great tips! For example, avoid working in your garden or beds unless the soil is dry. You can damage your garden by starting too soon. When dealing with weeds, use only the chemicals that deal with your specific type of problem. Clear out winter mulch, if your soil is dry enough, and consider mulching your shrubs and tree waste too. It is also a good idea to prune any fruit trees before they begin to bud out.

When it comes to maintaining your pool, patio, and garden, spring cleaning is more than just a chore. Proper upkeep during the transition from winter to spring will ensure the longevity of your pool, patio, and garden. Brew some iced tea. Get your hat, gloves, and sunscreen. Make a fun day out of it! Get your spring cleaning out of the way so you can beat the heat by spending more time in the pool.