Pool maintenance advice

Six Pool Maintenance Tips for the New Year

In addition to your personal resolutions, the new year is a fantastic time to tackle the ever-growing to-do list.  More likely than not, pool maintenance is on that list.  So, here are 6 resolution-worthy tips that will keep your pool healthy throughout the year.

1. Plan out a monthly maintenance routine for the upcoming year.

Monthly pool maintenance is essential to your pool’s health. Reviewing your routine once a year ensures that you take into account:

  • Landscape and foliage additions
  • Changing weather conditions
  • Added pool features

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2. Clean your pool.

Even if you don’t plan to use your pool for the next couple of months, and you leave it uncovered,  it is a good idea to thoroughly clean your pool.

  • Focus on removing leaves and debris that can cause damage to your in-ground pool’s infrastructure.
  • Vacuum your pool.
  • Check filters and remove any debris.
  • If your pool is covered, check the pool cover for damage and clean off any accumulated debris.

3. Check life-saving and safety gear.

Lifesaving and other safety gear is an important part of any pool.  This includes flotation devices, first aid kits, and anything else you may use to keep you and your guests safe.  However, it is important to make sure that this gear is up-to-date, and this should be part of any pool maintenance routine.

  • Replace anything in disrepair.
  • Check your first aid kit for anything that may be expired.  Many store-bought kits have an expiration date printed on the outside of the box.
  • Do this regularly throughout the year.

4. Inspect your pool deck for any needed repairs.

Even though we are the Sunshine State, Florida’s weather can be unpredictable. Scheduling an annual check of your pool deck will help you get any repairs completed before the warmer weather begins again.

  • Look for uneven areas, broken tiles or wood, and even mold or mildew.
  • Do this regularly throughout the year.

5. If you use your pool year-round, check your pH levels.

It is always better to regularly check your levels.  If you let your levels go awry, your pool will need more than basic pool maintenance to restore its balance.  In other words, the longevity of your pool depends this type of pool maintenance.  If you use a service, be sure to review any changes to your pool with the service provider.


6. Secure and clean pool toys.

Many pool owners keep pool toys secured near the pool.  This can leave them exposed to the elements.  Additionally, pool toys are not always stored

properly.  Given Florida’s climate, checking the condition of pool toys is a great idea when they aren’t being used regularly.

  • Look for signs of mildew.  You may need to clean or replace toys that have been affected by mildew.
  • Empty squirt guns or other any toys that may become breeding grounds for mosquitoes when the weather warms.

Scheduling an annual pool maintenance check-up builds pool maintenance habits that will keep your pool healthy throughout its lifespan.  You may already be taking many of these steps as a pool owner.  If you are not,  why not make it a part of your New Year’s resolution?