Finishing Touches

Water-line and above water tile: Waterscapes Pools & Spas has a wide selection of porcelain or glass tile for your pool. This tile is commonly installed around the perimeter of the pool or spa at the water-line and is nominally 6 inches in width. This tile is also placed on raised areas of the pool or stone can be added above the waterline.

We can help you to decide on the exact fit & finishes you would like from many styles of tiles.

Coping: Coping refers to the material applied directly to the top of the pool shell and is the transition material between the water-line tile and the pool deck.

Pools with a concrete deck may not require coping and the pool deck is poured up to and “cantilever” slightly over the pool edge.

The most common coping material is concrete “brick” coping with a rounded bullnose edge and these are typically 4” x 9” in size.

There are also manufacturers of specialized concrete coping with sizes up to 12” x 12”.

Another option is travertine coping that is available in various sizes and the appropriate size is usually dependent on the pool design. A popular size on pools with straight lines is 12” x 24”, whilesmaller sizes are better suited for the radii on freeform pools.

Deck material: We have many deck options for your personal preference; including textured concrete, concrete pavers, specialized concrete pavers and travertine paver decks.

Paver type decks are often preferred over cast in place concrete decks for the aesthetics, as well as the long term durability of the deck.

Interior Plaster Finishes: Plaster is the general term for the final interior pool finish of the pool surface. This can be quartz, pebble or polished interior finishes.

We offer the classic white based finishes, as well as colored interior finishes. The color of the plaster will affect the water color in the pool, as will the differing depths, lighting and the surrounding features.

Each type of plaster has its advantages and we will help you decide which is best for you.

Pool Lighting: Most lighting is the classic white, however we offer color changing LED lights as a selection. “Niche-less” lights are also available in white light, as well as color changing. The advantage to these is that they are much smaller in size and can be placed in virtually any place in the pool.

Handrails: Hand rails are not required in residential pools; however they are an aid to entry and exit to the pool and spa if preferred. There are more styles available today that can fit better into more contemporary designs.

Water features: Water features add visual beauty as well as relaxing sounds that many people enjoy.

  • Sheer Descent: The most popular water feature on our pools provides a clear, thin sheet of water that falls into the pool or spa below. These typically require a raised section of the pool wall to increase the dramatic affect.
  • Water bowls: Water bowls are available in round or square style and most commonly constructed of polymer modified concrete. These fill with pool water returning from the pool pump and pour gently into the pool. This adds the architecture of the bowl along with the effect of a water feature.
  • Bubblers: Bubblers are simple pool returns that bring water vertically up from an optional sun-shelf. They need very shallow water, so that the velocity of the water from the pump can project the water up into the air forming a bubbling action.

Fire features: Fire features have become a popular item in communities where natural gas is provided. They add the element of fire for evenings in your outdoor environment.

Raised decks: Raised decks are most commonly used in conjunction with water features, however they can be used alone to add varying degrees of elevation to your outdoor area.

Retaining Walls: Some yards are not flat, but Waterscapes Pools & Spas can custom build a raised wall or retaining wall, so that you can add a swimming pool and outdoor area that you may not have thought possible.

Aluminum Screened Enclosures (“Cages”): Many places in the country have snow and therefore you don’t see cages; however most new pools in Florida have them. The main advantage to these structures is that they help keep bugs out! They are not impervious to all critters, but sure help keep your evenings in summer much more pleasant. Cages are not required around a pool, but they do have that advantage!

Most of the aluminum on the cages is bronze or white and the screen itself is a charcoal color.