Theraputic Benefits of Swimming Pools

Your Waterscapes Pools swimming pool may seem like only a luxury, something to enjoy on weekends, a place to relax. But your pool also offers therapeutic benefits, which can be especially helpful as you or a family member ages, during and after pregnancy, or when recovering from an injury. Pools are a fantastic way for people with disabilities to experience movement that would be impossible on dry land.

Aquatic therapy has long been used to aid in patient healing and exercise performance. It’s the perfect low- to no-impact medium to improve strength, balance and agility. And because submersion decreases weight bearing by up to 90%, someone who has difficulty standing can often do so with minimal support, buoyed by the water’s physical properties. Arthritis sufferers, those with fragile bones, and the overweight can exercise with relative ease in the water.

What’s more, water’s viscosity provides natural resistance so you can strengthen muscles without the need for weights. The simple movement of your body under water will get results, and with much less stress on joints.

Just being in the water is good for the body. You don’t even have to move to reap some benefits! That’s because hydrostatic pressure — the force exerted on an immersed body — is equal, creating even pressure on joints. Think of it like support hose for your whole body. Lounging in the pool is wonderful for reducing swelling and is a drug-free pain reliever.

What’s good for man is also good for man’s best friend. Aquatic exercise can help an overweight pooch lose a few pounds, provide pain relief in old or arthritic dogs, and may keep them from becoming depressed if they’re unable to run around and play. Talk to your veterinarian to see if Fido can join you in the swimming pool for a one-on-one workout.

Be sure to consult your physician before beginning your own aquatics exercise program, especially if you have cardiac disease, respiratory problems, incontinence or other issues. But once you get the green light, we’re sure you’ll enjoy this refreshing approach to wellness.