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Ten Haunted Pools in America

When you think of pools, they probably bring up many beloved summer memories. Sitting outside, enjoying poolside drinks, lounging on pool floats and plunging into the refreshing water are just a few common thoughts pool owners have. As October arrives, many Floridians opt to keep their pools open, inviting friendly ghosts for a dip!

When it comes to the spooky season, many forget that pools across the country can be a hotbed for paranormal activity (although that might just be a ghost looking for a place to relax). Don’t believe us? Hopefully these ten haunted pools across the country won’t send a chill up your spine.

10.) The Stanley Hotel – Estes Park, CO

While this hotel is a renowned landmark found in the gorgeous Estes Park, it is also a playground for ghosts. The hotel had a history of unfortunate accidents, leading some guests to check in but never check out. While many people claim seeing F.O. Stanley, the hotel’s original owner, and his wife around the hotel, others share stories of seeing former guests around the haunted pool area when no one is around. This spectral site was also the real-life inspiration of horror novelist Stephen King’s bestselling work, The Shining. Maybe a phantasmic hand or two aided in creating the manuscript!

9.) The Omni Washington Resort – Bretton Wood, NH

While this hotel certainly goes all out for the Halloween season, it does have some “spirited” guests that stay all year-round. Created by railroad tycoon Joseph Stickney, the hotel was developed with special accommodations for his wife, Caroline Foster. These features include a private dining room and the hotel’s indoor swimming pool. To this day, many guests report seeing the elegant Caroline sauntering down the hallways, lightly tapping on doors without explanation. Several also claim Caroline appears in the pool area, probably looking for a place to unwind after her hauntings!

8.) The Mineral Springs Hotel – Alton, IL

Located in one of America’s most haunted small towns, The Mineral Springs Hotel, now an antique mall, is a conduit for the paranormal. Famed for its mineral water and swimming pool, the hotel is haunted by many ghosts. After an unfortunate tragedy, the spirit of a Granite City guest continues to roam around the haunted pool area. There is also the tale of the “Jasmine Lady’s” staircase, where guests smell the faintest scent of jasmine as they ascend the lobby stairs. The mysteries sweetly beckon brave souls from across the country who can arrange tours of the town’s spiritual history.

7.)  Hotel Jerome – Aspen, CO

Over 120 years old, the Hotel Jerome is a major local haunt in Aspen. The building is full of antiques, making it a bit of an upscale time capsule. When it comes to supernatural activity, there is no shortage of employees who swear they’ve seen ghosts getting into all sorts of mischief no matter the time of day. The pool also has its own resident ghost with reports of a young boy shivering in a towel suddenly disappearing into thin air, matching the description of a guest who died in the swimming pool area around 1936.

6.) The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel – Los Angeles, CA

Opened in 1927, this hotel has quite the star-studded history. It became a central location for many premiere-after parties and the first Oscars award ceremony. This lodging is so beloved that many deceased celebrities occasionally check in from the beyond. One such celebrity is the legendary Marilyn Monroe, haunting the room she lived at as her fame grew. Many guests claimed seeing Monroe’s ghost around the pool and poolside bar, probably reminiscing about her first ad shot at that same pool. Not many people can say they’ve been haunted by such an icon!

5.) The Lemp Mansion – St. Louis, MO

This building is one of the ten most haunted sites in the country, and there is a good reason for that! This building was once the home of the successful Lemp family, famous for making their fortune in homemade beer that revolutionized the industry. Before a string of unfortunate deaths in the mansion, patriarch John Adam Lemp used a nearby limestone cave to facilitate his lager creation process. When mechanical refrigeration became possible, Lemp built a tunnel from his home to the cave, then converted into a swimming pool and entertainment area. While remodeled in recent years, there were rumors of the family’s spirits haunting this spot, perfect for drinking beer after some haunting!

4.) The Menger Hotel – San Antonio, TX

To this day, the Menger Hotel is still boasted as one of the most beautiful hotels across the country, but it has its fair share of hauntings! This hotel sits on the land where the infamous Battle of the Alamo occurred. Over the years, the hotel garnered an impressive list of major guests such as former president Teddy Roosevelt and Richard King, one of the 19th century’s most successful entrepreneurs. Many guests swear they’ve seen both in the hotel’s bar, but they prefer haunting the pool to spook guests.

3.) Brookdale Lodge – Brookdale, CA

Another famously haunted location, The Brookdale Lodge can be found in the mountains of Santa Cruz. While a family-friendly location, this lodge has a history with the paranormal. Following several tragedies, many guests say the pool area is a focal point of supernatural. Both staff and guests claim to hear sounds, the knocking of window doors and heavy footsteps throughout the pool. When people take tours of the building, they can also feel a great deal of negative energy, sending literal chills up their spines.

2.) The Queen Mary – Long Beach, CA

Formerly a luxury ship, the Queen Mary was converted into a war ship in 1939 and served the country until the 1960s, returning to its initial role. It was finally converted into a museum after docking in Long Beach but it still yields plenty of frights!

There are tales that the swimming pool is haunted by one young girl and adult female. While having an unsettling past contributing to its hauntings, many claim to see spirits in and around the pool. If you feel brave, “haunted tours” of the place are still given, providing an opportunity to unravel the mysteries of the ship’s past.

1.) The Rave – Milwaukee, WI

Built in 1927, this building is a social club complete with swimming pool, bowling alley and a gym. This building gained a reputation for housing spirits due to an unfortunate history of tragedies befalling many guests. While the pool is inoperable, the area it can be found in is said to be haunted by many children. Despite this, there is quite a celebrity that frequently haunts these grounds. The ghost is the famous Buddy Holly, who played one of his final concerts at the venue.

Halloween is a fun time, perfect for all of the ghosts and ghouls to play at night. You might want to liven up your pool area to prepare your spectral guests for the season of thrills and chills.