Mastering Poolside Grilling

You’ve mastered the breaststroke, skimming and pH testing. But have you mastered poolside grilling? The topic really should have its own chapter in every Pool Owner Manual because, as you’ve probably discovered, the swimming pool lifestyle and grilling go hand in hand. Who wants to cook inside when the weather and scenery are enticing you outside?

Becoming a grill master doesn’t necessarily involve getting fancy with food. It’s more about expanding your skills, perfecting your techniques and adding little bit of flair. And for that you need the right tools for the job. A few specialty ingredients in your pantry and some fresh recipe ideas will help, too. But let’s start with…

The Grill

If you don’t already have an outdoor kitchen (or even if you do), set a budget, then start shopping. Today’s options include conventional grills (gas, electric and charcoal), “dome” grills and smokers. Get acquainted with the latest options by comparing features online. The BBQ Guys reveal their top 10 picks in various categories, which makes it super easy to find a grill that meets your needs.

Grilling Accessories

Trying to grill without gadgets is like trying to bake without bakeware. Sure you can plop a hotdog on the grill, but it’s not fun retrieving it from below, and that goes double for fish and vegetables. Retailers have responded to our cries for help! Now there are specialty grilling racks and baskets for every type of meat and fish. There are grilling woks, mesh pans and pizza stones. There’s virtually nothing you can’t cook on the grill.

Other things that make grilling easier include mini meat thermometers (because everyone likes their steak cooked differently), wood planks, skewers and branding irons (that’s part of the “flair” we mentioned). You can even get insulated gloves to protect your hands from hot temperatures.


The Internet makes it easy to find recipes for every taste, any cuisine, and every skill level. But to impress like only a grillmeister can, you’ll need an assortment of spices and some specialty rubs and marinades. The best ones are homemade, so forego the bottled stuff and whip up your own. In fact, it could become the basis for your signature recipe.

So that’s it. Are you up to the challenge? Ready, set, grill!