Designing The Perfect Spa

Installing a spa is a significant investment and there are many factors to consider. Having a spa connected to your pool can be quite advantageous. They can increase your property’s value as well as soothe aching muscles and ease your stress. A spa for pools can even offer an additional source of entertainment at parties for any time of the year in Florida.

Waterscapes Pools & Spas encourages the use of spas for these social and health benefits. Spas can also be quite customizable, allowing you to transform your backyard into a personal oasis. Designing your own spa also provides the opportunity to add a personalized aesthetic to your pool area. If you are planning to have a spa, there are several things you will need to know.

Spa or Hot Tub

The words “spa” and “hot tub” are used interchangeably, making classification a bit confusing. This distinction between the two can be boiled down to two criteria: how they are installed and cost effectiveness.

Similar to an in-ground pool, spas are built into the ground and normally used for hydrotherapy and relaxation. Spas usually connect to an in-ground pool in residential settings, similar to what you might experience at certain hotels or high-end gyms. They are also easily integrated into a deck or lanai. You can use a hot tub for the same reason, but they are made above-ground with all components built into the unit.

Waterscapes always prefers the in-ground spa option for future pool owners due to their cost-effectiveness. A comfortable, high-quality hot tub can cost upwards of $35,000 which, combined with maintenance costs, becomes a major expense. In-ground spas are about half the cost, especially when made in conjunction with a pool. Waterscapes’ in-ground spas also make use of benches instead of a hot tub’s use of multilevel seating. This allows you to fit several people comfortably and ensure your guests can relax in peace while enjoying time outside.

Waterscapes also strives to make our products as energy-efficient as possible. To help with maintaining clean spa water, we incorporate variable speed pumps into the cleaning system. These pumps conserve water using three quarters the amount of water as traditional pumps and can pump longer without added energy. They also use a permanent magnetic motor, lowering the cost of maintaining clean water even more. You can also set a schedule with them to align with power use in your home. This will go a long way in keeping your water clean 24/7.

Shaping Your Vision

A spa’s major advantage is its capacity for complete customization. Our customers found that teaming a personally designed spa with a pool dramatically transforms the landscape, providing endless hours of outdoor entertainment. If you blend your spa with your yard, you can greatly enhance the space!

At Waterscapes, our spas come in numerous shapes. If you want to keep things simple, you can choose square or circle shapes. For a more unique design, you can opt for a bean-shaped spa. We make our high-quality spas from a type of concrete called gunite and coat them with pebbles, creating your perfect shape.

For those looking to add a high-quality aesthetic to their pool area, Waterscapes recommends using the infinity spa option. Infinity spas provide an unobstructed view while you relax. These spas can use glass tile in construction, providing yet another decorative feature. If your yard faces any stunning sights, an infinity spa allows you to capitalize on these visuals, providing both you and guests with a beautiful view while relaxing.

Let the Water Fall

When having either type of spa with your pool, one option pool owners need to consider is the inclusion of water features. These options augment a spa’s elegant design and make it stand out even more. Spa spillover is one of the most common (and popular) design features.

Spa spillover occurs when spa water moves directly to the pool, spilling over some kind of ledge or pathway. One reason pool owners enjoy this design element is how it connects both pool and spa together. This feature is an effective way to bridge the gap between them. Many also find the spillover to be relaxing, making your own backyard feel like a high-end resort!

Spa 4

Waterscapes Pools and Spas finds this classic element to be popular because of its simplicity and elegance. The feature is easily added without being the center of a pool design, enhancing the aesthetic without becoming too flashy. Depending on your chosen spa, you can effortlessly customize this feature:

  1. Infinity spas are relatively simple. You will have the water go over a drop-off around the spa. This maintains an illusion that the water goes on infinitely, allowing you to take advantage of your views while hearing the calming sound of trickling water.
  2. If choosing a shaped spa, you can design how the spillover happens while it goes over one ledge. You can keep the design simple and have the water come out through a single pathway. However, if you want something more unique and alluring, you can the spa water spill over several ledges into the pool.
  3. A spa with a waterfall is another popular option for the spillover effect. Many customers enjoy the visual and the soothing sound of water!

Keeping the Right Temperature

One big step you need to take before taking a dip into your spa is pre-heating it. This will bring it to a cozy temperature and take full advantage of a spa’s relaxing and therapeutic benefits. While you obviously want to keep a spa hot, the Florida Department of Health states that a spa cannot exceed 104°F as higher temperatures can put individuals at risk for heat stroke. While adults can enjoy a suggested temperature between 100 – 104°F, children should stay in water no warmer than 98°F to keep themselves from overheating.

In the Florida weather, high temperatures for a spa in the morning and afternoon hours can make you hot in seconds and have you leap into the nearest pool. Another suggestion is to keep the spa water at 85°F. With this lower temperature, you can transform your spa into a small, perfectly heated pool, allowing you to relax under the sun or when watching the stars at night.

Preheating your pool is important but many can be quite impatient about getting to their desired temperature. When not using your hot tub, set the temperature to 5° less than what you use. This keeps your electric bill down while getting your spa up to temperature fast!

Waterscapes uses a variety of features to optimize the temperature controlling experience. We utilize gas heaters. These double the BTUs used and aren’t affected by the outside temperature, making them a reliable solution. You can also take advantage of the iQ20 Aqua Link app. This allows you to control the temperature of the spa as well as your other features remotely, making changes as you relax.

A spa offers the opportunity to customize the design and enhance your pool area’s aesthetic. However, it is important to consider all the elements that go into creating a spa suited to your tastes. If you are planning to use a spa in Southwest Florida, learn how Waterscapes can create the perfect one for you.