Why Use Variable Speed Pumps

We consistently strive towards the most effective ways to build pools that not only look beautiful, but are also long lasting and energy-efficient. Our staff researches and utilizes sustainable and cost-effective products and solutions. By using the best quality equipment with the least amount of energy, we can lower the amount of energy consumed resulting in reducing the cost of running your pool.

If you own a pool or are considering building one, maintaining a clean, sanitary pool is a must! Having an effective filtration system in your pool is necessary to ensure the health and safety of swimmers. However, most pool owners don’t realize these systems can consume the greatest amount of energy in the pool owner’s home.

Most of us are in favor of environmentally-friendly lifestyles and are looking to save money. Therefore, you will want to consider tossing out your traditional pump for one that is more energy efficient.

Traditional Pumps
Generally, traditional pumps are not that efficient and extremely noisy costing more to operate. Although traditional pumps may be less expensive initially, the cost to maintain them is far higher than energy-efficient pumps.

Variable Speed Pool Pumps
Waterscapes Pools and Spas recommend variable speed pumps as an alternative way to reduce power consumption and costs. Variable speed pumps use three quarters the amount of water as traditional pumps and are able to pump for longer periods of time without added energy. In comparison, traditional pumps use an excessive amount of energy, far more than what a filtration system requires. A faster speed pump does not mean cleaner or more filtered water. In fact, water is actually filtered better when it’s pumped at a slower speed where less gallons of water are needed to flow.

Savings and Performance
Variable speed pool pumps have the ability to control the rpm of the motor, which saves up to 90% of energy use in comparison to traditional speed pumps. The amount of savings on your electric bill results from using the optimal flow level with the least amount of energy use.

Energy Efficient
Variable speed pumps operate with a permanent magnetic motor, which lowers the use of consumption even before reducing power. This motor runs with the same principle and technology utilized in hybrid cars; consuming the least amount of energy without sacrificing performance. They’re durable and made to last a long time.

In addition, you can design a set schedule with variable speed pumps. Setting a schedule will allow you to control the power consumption so it aligns with the power use in your home. If you usually consume more power during the daytime, you can schedule your pump to run at night to conserve more power. By cutting the speed down and pumping for longer periods of time, they can run for 24 hours a day for the same amount it costs standard pumps to run for just one hour.

If you live in Lakewood Ranch, Venice, or Naples, Florida and desire more energy savings, less maintenance, more durability and more long-term savings- let the benefits of variable speed pool pump speak for themselves.