Cloudy Water: Causes and Solutions

After a long day at the office or school, pool owners and their families count down the moments where they can unwind in their own slice of paradise. Once they arrive home and prepare for poolside fun, they rush out to the water’s edge. This time, the pool isn’t crystal-clear, the deep blue bottom heavily obscured by a new, chalky color. This is cloudy pool

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Disinfect Your Pool for Endless Enjoyment!

Living in Florida, residents possess an advantage over many other states: the ability to skip the winterization process and enjoy their pools year-round. It is a true delight to splash into those cool waters when desired, but this also means disinfecting your pool should be at the top of your list. Without a proper routine, owners may need to dedicate more days cleaning their private

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Take Your Memorial Day Party Poolside!

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, a time where your family and friends can enjoy more quality time outside. This is also the beginning for a pool owner’s busy season, and you’ll certainly want your guests to know your lanai will be the celebration hub for any special occasion, and this holiday will be your chance to impress. If you want to make

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Diving Into the Pool Design Process

What are the two key elements for creating your dream pool? Having a crystal-clear vision and the right partner to execute it. Waterscapes Pools & Spas has a team of experts who create truly unique pools   – each one capturing a unique vision of the ideal Florida lifestyle. While developing and creating the ideal swimming pool design is exciting, it can still be overwhelming for

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holiday pool decoration - christmas tree

A Guide for Holiday Pool Decorations

It is December and for Floridians, the weather outside is certainly not frightful. The season is perfect for spending time with loved ones and enjoying a line-up of parties.  This is also the perfect season for bringing out the holiday decorations to create a festive atmosphere! One primary advantage of Florida’s warm weather is the ability to take your holiday parties outside and use pool

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Bring Autumn to Your Pool Area

Fall weather has settled into Florida, letting the holiday season come in full swing! This season of change invites somewhat lower temperatures, autumn-colored décor and a host of delectable treats. Floridians have the advantage of keeping their pools open year-round, allowing them to extend the fall festivities to their lanai. Autumn is perfect for enjoying quality time with your friends and family, so be sure

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saltwater pools

Saltwater Pools Vs. Chlorine Pools

When you’ve made the investment in a pool, you want it to be sparkling clean and ready for swimming whenever you are. That’s why it’s important to choose the pool cleaning and maintaining maintenance system that best matches your needs and lifestyle. When you work with Waterscapes Pools & Spas to create your Florida dream pool, you have two choices that are commonly referred to

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haunted pool hollywood roosevelt

Ten Haunted Pools in America

When you think of pools, they probably bring up many beloved summer memories. Sitting outside, enjoying poolside drinks, lounging on pool floats and plunging into the refreshing water are just a few common thoughts pool owners have. As October arrives, many Floridians opt to keep their pools open, inviting friendly ghosts for a dip! When it comes to the spooky season, many forget that pools

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Minimize cloudy water before rainfall

After the Rain: Managing Cloudy Pool Water

At any time of the year in Florida, a crystal-clear pool entices owners to jump in and take the edge off of a hot day. However, owners might be reluctant to do so when they see cloudy pool water, a concerning issue that often comes about after a heavy rainstorm. Many Floridians also find this issue often happens during the state’s rainy season. While cloudy

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