Beat the Heat with a Healthy Pool: Tips from Your Local Pool Builder, Waterscapes Pools & Spas

Summer in Florida is a dream – warm sunshine, pristine beaches, and of course, a refreshing dip in your pool. But those scorching temperatures can affect your pool’s health. As a trusted pool builders in your area, we want to help you keep your pool sparkling clean and safe all season long.

Chlorine: The Key to a Healthy Pool

Pool builders often rely on chlorine to keep your pool sanitized. The American Chemistry Council (ACC) explains chlorine’s three main functions:

  1. Fast and Lasting Sanitization: Chlorine attacks bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, keeping your pool safe.
  2. Algae Buster: It prevents algae growth, keeping your pool crystal clear.
  3. Contaminant Oxidation: Chlorine breaks down contaminants, rendering them harmless.

How Heat Affects Your Pool Chemistry

While chlorine is effective, hot summer weather can throw your pool chemistry off balance. Here’s why:

  • Microbial Multiplication: Warm water is a breeding ground for bacteria. As the temperature rises, these organisms multiply, forcing your chlorine to work harder.
  • Chlorine Breakdown: When the pool water reaches 80 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, chlorine breaks down faster. This means you’ll need to add more chlorine to maintain proper sanitation. Science ABC suggests a rule of thumb: you may need twice the amount of chlorine for every 10 degrees above 80 degrees.

Stay Ahead of the Heat with These Simple Steps

Finding a pool builder near you or pool service company who offers expert maintenance services that can take the load off your shoulders. But here are some easy ways to keep your pool healthy yourself:

  • Invest in a Pool Thermometer: Regularly monitoring your pool’s temperature is crucial. If it reaches 80 degrees or higher, it’s time to adjust the chlorine level.
  • The Power of Smell: When chlorine breaks down contaminants, it produces a slight odor. A strong chlorine smell indicates your pool is working extra hard. If the odor is overpowering, it’s time to add more chlorine.
  • Make sure to wash off BEFORE jumping in your pool after swimming at the beach or other natural body of water. Microscopic spores from “black algae” (Cyanobacteria) can remain on your swim suit and be introduced into your pool this way. Black algae can be very difficult to remove, if it becomes established in your pool.

Healthy Pool, Happy Summer

A healthy pool is an essential part of your summer enjoyment. By following these tips and consulting with a reputable pool builder or pool contractor, you can keep your pool sparkling clean and safe all season long. So, dive in, relax, and beat the heat with a healthy pool!

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