How to Conserve Pool Water

Conserving water is not only good for the planet, it also helps keep pool expenses down. An average-size pool can loose an inch of water per week, which translates to roughly 7000 gallons a year for an 18’ x 36’ pool. Even more water is lost through leaks, backwashing and splash out. No wonder your parents warned you to quite splashing so much as a kid!

So here are some commonly recommended ways to conserve this precious resource. You may already be taking some of these steps, and others are just common sense, but it doesn’t hurt to have this reminder. It could save you money in the long run.

1. Test your pool for leaks — up to 30% can have them — and repair leaks of any size immediately.

2. Use a pool cover. This might be a hassle, especially during summer, but you can at least put it in place at night.

3. Good luck with this if you have children, but try to avoid excessive splashing. If you keep the water intentionally low (just one inch above the bottom of the pool tile), it will help prevent loss during playtime.

4. Limit the amount of backwashing required by keeping the pool and filters clean (a 2-minute backwash uses about 200 gallons of water).

5. Water your lawn and plants with the collected backwash.

6. Consider installing an automatic fill device to maintain water at the recommended level. This prevents you from accidentally overfilling when topping it off.

7. Install timers to turn off pool filters and water features when not needed.

8. Reduce the water heater temperature when the pool isn’t being used, such as during summer or extended vacations.

9. Keep the chemicals you use to the minimum effective amount, and treat your pool at night when the sun won’t speed the dissipation of chlorine.

10. Use shrubs, plants and fencing to cut down on water evaporation due to wind. This step is effective and beautifies your pool area at the same time!