Pool with sun shelf

Sun Shelves: a Comfortable Aesthetic

Trends typically come and go with the seasons and then there are the ones that stick throughout the years. Why? Well, some trends just make sense to everyone; and sun shelves are one of them. Pool trends that are featured at your favorite spa resort are probably not on your budget-friendly wish-list or even appear attainable. However, now with Waterscapes Pools & Spas, you no

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Pool Shapes: Tailored for Every Lanai

When it comes to swimming pools, there is nothing more calming than the sight of those breathtaking blue waters. That’s why many homeowners opt to build a pool, creating a scenic space perfect for unwinding any time of day, or the center stage for any special occasion with friends and family. Building a pool is an exciting process, from choosing the pavers to the interior

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Pool Workouts: Use The Aquatic Gym

At any time of day, nothing sounds better than a refreshing dip in the pool. The sight of your lanai, the blue waters and peace of the outdoors create a serene setting meant for relaxation and entertaining. While a sight to behold for friends and family alike, a pool can also be a helpful workout partner! When owners are looking for a break from their

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Child barriers are an important part of pool safety

The Importance of Pool Safety

May marks the unofficial start of pool season for many pool owners. As the school year comes to an end, you may already have plans to make the most of your lanai from casual days outside to poolside parties for the summer holidays. The thoughts of barbeques, blue waters and fireworks during the Fourth of July will get you excited to kick off another pool

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The Significance of Pool Water Temperature

One key advantage of Southwest Florida is the rare opportunity to enjoy refreshing dips in a pool year-round. With the warmer weather, many pool owners enjoy being able to jump into those clear blue waters and cool off after a long day. However, even cool waters can be too cold for a dip, requiring a change in water temperature! While not as dramatic as other

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The Best Pool Type

A pool is the ultimate amenity for any homeowner, offering a breathtaking aesthetic and a perfect escape any time of day. Whether it’s a relaxing retreat or the entertainment center for your next party, many agree that the crystal-clear waters are a sight to behold. While a pool’s overall appearance should be at the top of your mind, the material making the foundation of your

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Pool Care During Winter

One major advantage to living in Florida is the year-round warm weather. This almost endless summer provides us with the rare opportunity to keep our beautiful pools open all year and dive into crystal clear waters at our own leisure. However, with packed schedules and lower temperatures in winter, pools may see slightly less use during the season. With warm weather preventing pool water from

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