Meet Our Team


Steve Serbin


Since, 2014, Steve Serbin has worn two important hats at Waterscapes: He is a salesperson who helps families decide on the right pool and spa package for their needs, and he’s a pool designer. Clients get to know him well because he’s involved in every aspect of their experience, from the first phone call to the contract, straight through the design phase until it’s time to make the first splash.

His busy days are filled inter-office communications, talking with current and past clients, creating pool designs and spec sheets, documenting contracts and visiting active jobs sites. But his favorite part of the job by far is watching customers react to seeing their dream pool come to life before their eyes. It’s so rewarding to witness that moment.

So, what’s his favorite model home pool at the moment? Definitely the one in the Highlands. As Steve puts it, it’s very linear, with fantastic clean lines.

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, family and friends…where else? Their pool, of course! They also love going to the beach and doing outdoor activities with their beloved Labrador.

Steve finds it a real honor to be with Neal Communities and Waterscapes, whose high-quality team and leadership make it an exciting place to work.