While pools are the focal point of any lanai, many agree that the pool deck contributes to the overall beauty. To this end, pavers are a great feature for unlocking the full potential of your oasis. This element provides the opportunity to add your own design preference, showcasing your unique style and personality.

Every element for a pool is a significant investment and pool deck paver designs should not be overlooked. If you are a future pool owner, do your own due diligence for this part. Waterscapes offers plenty of paver options, and we will share a few considerations to make for them.

The Value of Pavers

It is important to understand how pavers come into play when creating your aquatic vision. To explain, the pool deck is the area surrounding your pool and pavers are the decorative but functional aspect of the surface. Pavers offer a plethora of design options that complement your custom designed pool, catching the eyes of your friends and family. By picking one suiting your tastes, pavers give pools an inviting feeling, enticing your guests to enter a truly personalized paradise.

When it comes to customizable pavers, 95% of Waterscapes customers prefer this over other options, citing affordability and stylishness as major reasons. While cost and visual appeal make them a welcome addition anywhere, pavers offer value in other ways:

1. Durability

The design of pool deck pavers include style, but also durability. This means they are resistant to weather and potential damage incurred when pool water splashes on them. Other options easily erode and even lose color when exposed to pool water but our pavers are made from materials that prevent this troublesome issue. In fact, many paver making companies in Florida create their stock to be prepared for the state’s weather. Rain or shine, you can count on pavers to be lasting solution preserving your own style!

2. Enhancing Aesthetic

Are you looking for a simple way to call attention to your pool area? Other pools might use decks featuring wood or natural stone but given how quickly they get worn down, (especially with certain natural stone types) their pristine look will fade over time. Waterscapes chooses pool pavers and travertine because they offer a natural beauty that dramatically transforms your pool area. This is an effective way to boost the aesthetic of your lanai, making your personal paradise the talk and envy of your neighborhood.

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3. Slip-Resistance

Any pool user will fondly remember the times when they plunged into the cool waters of a pool. However, after water splashes on the pavement, it can become a safety hazard, leading to accidentally falling into a pool or risking injury by hitting the ground. Waterscapes opts for pavers and travertine due to their textured, irregular surfaces. These surfaces provide slip-resistance when they get wet, perfect for occasions where your guests provide your pool with heavy foot traffic.

Compared to other materials, pavers and travertine are the best for elegance and safety. Pool decks using wood and certain natural stone such as bluestone have smooth surfaces, incurring a high risk of slipping due to their frictionless nature. While poured concrete slabs offer the same benefit of slip-resistance, they are prone to easily cracking and staining, requiring the financially painful expense of frequent maintenance.

4. Versatility

One of the most popular reasons people enjoy pool pavers is their versatility. Pavers can be made in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. With a custom design pool, consider what would work best for your pool and entertainment areas. In doing so, you can show off your own personal tastes while creating a perfect relaxation spot. Waterscapes offers a variety of pool deck paver designs, limiting owners to their own imagination.

Using the Best Material

When it comes to pool pavers, manufacturers can make them from a host of different materials. For a unique look, some pavers can include porcelain in their designs. Some pool owners prefer natural stone for its simple yet beautiful look but certain types like bluestone and granite can be costly and given their sensitivity, tendency for wear and high maintenance costs, they are often more troublesome.

For beauty and cost-effectiveness, Waterscapes incorporates concrete pavers and travertine patios into our pool designs due to their shared benefits, and our customers have several reasons as to why they see both as ideal options for your pool area:

1. Beauty That Doesn’t Break the Bank

Natural stone creates a picturesque landscape, but these paver types can cost upwards of $15,000 and due to their sensitivity, they are subject to damage from water chemicals and harsh weather conditions. This means you will need to spend more money on maintenance, making for a time-consuming investment. Concrete seamlessly blends with natural stone during the quarrying process, allowing them to showcase their beauty without looking artificial. Concrete also cuts the costs of pavers, making them an inexpensive solution that doesn’t sacrifice style. This substance is not easily affected by weather or pool water, so you can count on these concrete pavers for providing very minimal maintenance fees.

As another stylish option for your pool, Waterscapes’ travertine patios offer the same benefits . The costs are also similar, providing you with the freedom to choose a design that combines affordability, beauty and resistance for any situation.  

2. Color Your Pool the Way You Want

Color is not something to worry about as far as concrete pavers are concerned. Concrete pavers come in a variety of colors, so you will be able to find a shade suiting your pool. We use Tremron’s Mega Old Towne pavers, offering a classic European look and smooth surfaces for any pool construction project. Many Waterscapes customers prefer our Sand Dune and Glacier colors for these pavers, creating the appearance of a beach right in your own backyard. You can customize pool deck pavers at a price that is right for you.

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3. Perfectly Shaped

Another major appeal of concrete pavers is their versatility when it comes to shapes.  Shapes can be an important visual aspect as they can command the attention of your friends and family in your outdoor area. Concrete is malleable material for manufacturers, allowing us to provide custom shapes befitting your own preferences. A popular shape for Waterscapes pool pavers are rectangles as they provide a classic, clean line pool design. These pool deck paver designs come in a variety of patterns, so you have plenty of choices for how to add visual appeal to your lanai.

4. Made for Waterscapes Pools

Waterscapes is committed to excellence with our pools, and clean water is one of our top priorities. Our pools leverage saltwater chlorinators, transforming salt into chlorine to keep your pool water crystal-clear and algae-free. Concrete is durable and resistant to saltwater so regardless of the pavers’ exposure to the water, they won’t wither away. Travertine provides this same resistance and while it requires yearly sealing, it is a minor expense that maintains the beauty of your backyard.

While only a small piece to consider, pavers can make a world of difference in creating your custom design pool. Waterscapes wants to make your pool inviting and we use materials that are long-lasting while making a lasting impression with friends and family alike!