Meet Our Team


John Collier

Vice President

John Collier has been with Waterscapes for a decade. Today, as vice president, he is responsible for managing all operations of the
company. His days are always busy, but rarely are two of them alike. On any given day, you might find John meeting with general
contractors to plan out the details of a multimillion-dollar building project or conducting an internal meeting on sales or construction.

Other days, John is out in the field getting hands-on with construction managers to solve any number of construction challenges or
collaborating with customers to create their dream pool. The main things to remember, he says, is that the Waterscapes team is first and
foremost in the business of customer service, so he’ll still do Pool School wearing a tie if that’s what the job calls for!

In fact, for him the best part of the job is seeing clear water in a finished pool, because it makes everyone happy. Living on or near the
ocean is many people’s dream when they move to Florida, but a beautiful private pool often turns out to be much better. When it comes
to pool models, he doesn’t play favorites: “We custom design each one, so that it meets their budget and lifestyle,” John says. “Each
one meets someone’s needs and expectations.”

So, what’s the number one must-have? According to John, an attached spa. He wasn’t a “spa person” at first, but he now finds that it
adds another element to the outdoor lifestyle.

When he’s not bringing people’s outdoor dreams to life, John can be found boating and fishing. He’s the father of two wonderful
daughters and was thrilled when one of them recently asked to learn his old hobby, skateboarding. His other daughter is starting to
seriously run 5K races, so these days John is doing both activities, and trying his best to keep up with his girls!