Freeform Pools

The freeform pool is also known as the radius pool. It does not have a defined shape, but instead has curvy or rounded edges and is an excellent addition to a backyard. At Waterscapes Pools & Spas, we can help you decide what shape and size you want your freeform pool to be so it fits nicely in your outdoor space.

This type of pool helps create a homeowner’s backyard paradise and makes it feel like an oasis. The unique pool design blends in with nature and looks modern and chic. Freeform allows for creative landscaping to be added once the pool is built or you can design the pool around current landscaping to really blend the manmade-natural combination.

There are additions to freeform pools that can be added such as a bench seat, deep end for diving, beach area, splash deck, deep end swim out seat, Jacuzzi, and a spa. Cascading waterfalls, fountains, and stone walls can be added as well and the pool will blend in well with the backyard scenery and look like they were already in place before the pool was built.

If space is an issue and the classic rectangular pool is not your style, freeform can also fit into small spaces. Unlike the rectangular pool that is a specific geometric shape, freeform can be built around permanent structures like a boulder or a tree. It has curvy areas and can have almost any design to them.

Freeform pools are very welcoming to a family that likes to play in a pool, have diving and cannonball contests, and who enjoy a more contemporary feel. For the family that is creative and likes to show their style, the freeform pool is an excellent choice.

Reach out to the Southwest Florida pool builder experts at Waterscapes Pools & Spas to get started designing the perfect freeform pool for your home.