Infinity Pools

Infinity pools have an endless edge that looks like the water of the pool is part of the horizon. Another name for this pool is “vanishing edge.” Infinity pools are great for people who love to swim and would like a pool that has a little more sophistication than other traditional style swimming pools. At Waterscapes Pools & Spas, we can help you design an infinity pool that is stunning, spacious and the right aesthetic for your outdoor space. As premier Southwest Florida pool builders, we know how to elevate your current space with the addition of an infinity pool.

If you have a place to install your pool where you can see the sunrise or go down and look out onto the landscape, this is the pool for you. Living on a hill, having a background of water, or near an edge provides a stunning view with this type of pool.

The pool uses a filtration system that allows the water to be constantly circulating so there is less algae growth. However, the water evaporates more quickly so maintenance is of utmost importance.

Infinity pools also have a catch basin that the water flows into, with separate vacuum lines so you will need someone experienced with this type of pool to maintain it. If you have children, you can build a wading area at the end of the pool, instead of an oasis. You can also use the catch basin as a small wading pool.

When you're entertaining on your pool deck and see how impressed your guests are- you’ll know the infinity pool is something to be proud of. Let the experts at Waterscapes Pools & Spas get started designing your infinity pool today.