Hurricane Pool Preparation

We’re Watching the Atlantic

It’s September and we’ve already seen Hurricane Harvey barrel through the southern part of the United States. With Irma targeting Florida, we’re all keeping an eye on the Atlantic. Now is the time to plan evacuation routes, prepare for loss of power and water, and, yes, prepare your pool for the storm. Sure, hurricane pool preparation may seem like a stressful task, but preparing your pool for a hurricane saves you time and money.

Prepare Your Drains

According to the Sun Sentinel, you need to check your patio deck drains and make sure they are free and clear of obstructions. One easy way to do this is to use your garden hose. Saturate your pool deck. If you see areas that are draining slowly, check them for dirt and even paint. You can use water to clear off the dirt and something as easy as a screwdriver to make sure none of the drainage holes are painted over.

Remove Outdoor Décor and Toys

While this may seem an obvious step for hurricane pool preparation, you’d be surprised at how easily this becomes a last-minute chore.  Bring in any furniture and toys that aren’t already anchored to the ground.  If you don’t have the space for the furniture, The Spruce recommends anchoring these items down with bungee cords or chains.   In fact, they also recommend removing any loose pool parts (such as filter covers) to ensure these don’t end up flying through a window or worse!  The last thing you want to do is leave out anything that can become a flying projectile.

Please Note: We do not suggest “throwing” your pool furniture into the pool.  Doing this will damage the interior of your pool.  Securing or storing your pool furniture will save you from unneeded repairs.

Don’t Drain Your Pool

Don’t Drain Your PoolSome pool owners drain their pools before an oncoming storm.  According the National Swimming Pool Foundation, draining your pool before a storm is not a good idea.  The structure of your pool is supported by the weight of the water.  When a storm comes in, the water table can shift and this affects the structural integrity of your pool.  In fact, a strong storm can uproot a drain pool and shift its location.  Keeping water in your pool is critical to keeping it in place and intact.  Don’t worry about your pool overflowing and flooding your home.  A properly built pool is designed to handle this.

Clean up Your Landscape

Hurricane pool preparation goes beyond just the pool.  Cleaning up your landscape protects both your pool and your home.  Prune loose or dying branches.  Remove any fruit or large seeds.  Store and secure any lawn furniture or decorations.  Just like with your pool décor, these items can quickly become dangerous in high winds.

Shut Off the Power

According to, a part of the USA Today network, shut down any electronics that run your pool.  This includes the pool motor, lights, cleaning, and filtering systems.  You may also want to wrap the pool motor in a waterproof membrane.  If the area is flooded with water, this can prevent dirt, sand, and other debris from flooding the motor.

Super Chlorinate Your Pool

Finally, treat your pool both before and after the storm.  Adding chemicals to offset the oncoming rain will help prevent contamination.  After the storm, you will also want to super-chlorinate your pool before use.  Also, be sure to properly store your chemicals before the storm.  Some pool chemicals should not get wet.  Others can cause fires when they mix.  If you store pool chemicals at your home, be aware of the safest ways to store them.

Hurricane Pool Preparation: Don’t let a Hurricane Catch You Off Guard

All-in-all, you need to prepare your pool for a hurricane.  In Florida, it’s not a bad idea to keep your pool prepared throughout the entire rainy season.  We have rogue storms and severe thunderstorms consistently throughout summer.  By preparing now, you save yourself a lot time and money.  Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Hurricane Pool Preparation