Contemporary Pools

Want a pool that is uniquely your own? There are many benefits to a custom pool and one of them is that YOU can design what you want and add in things you want. Bounce your ideas off the experts at Waterscapes Pools & Spas to start designing your own custom pool. As a premier Southwest Florida pool builder, we bring sophistication to every design and every individual space.

If you desire to have enough room for a volleyball game, you can choose the width and depth of a pool. If you are looking for a combination of lap swimming, water basketball, and entertaining, the possibilities are at your fingertips. Ever thought of having a pool that goes around your house like a moat? You can have that with a custom pool. Adding jets to the pool and creating your own lazy river are all options for custom pools.

If you want a combination of all different types of pools, you can do that too with a custom pool. Another benefit is being able to choose the materials to use that may not be available in a standard pool, like mosaic tile for the bottom of the pool. Other things you can consider are if you want fiberglass, concrete, gunite or vinyl; you can do that with a custom pool.

A custom pool allows you to create the pool of your dreams – and one that your family is sure to enjoy for years to come. Let us at Waterscapes Pools & Spas help make your custom pool vision a reality!