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My husband really likes freeform pools, while I really like an elegant Grecian look. What are our design options and how do you incorporate everything that we want aesthetically?

At Waterscapes Pools & Spas, our skilled designers are here to make the pool buying process fun and as enjoyable as possible. As you meet with a designer, they will get to know you and your unique desires and needs, between the actual design of the pool and hardscape options. If you’re looking for some creative inspiration, check out our online portfolio for design options. Remember, your options are endless.

I really enjoy my time off and I don’t want to be spending every minute tending to my pool. How much time and effort does a pool require?

Depending on how you equip your pool, you can spend just minutes per week! There are many options that can make sure you enjoy your pool with minimal effort on your part to maintain it.

A swimming pool is a big investment. Will a pool add value to my home?

Anybody that is trying to sell their home in Florida knows its much easier with a swimming pool. It increases your live-able space and allows you to start living the Florida lifestyle.

What is the average build time of a pool?

It obviously depends on the complexity of the project, but many pools take less than 60 days of construction time.

I have a small yard, but have always wanted a pool. What are my options?

We’ll design a pool that is uniquely you and your backyard. It doesn’t matter what the shape or size.

I don’t want my electric bill to go up significantly. What will owning a pool do to my utility bill and are there energy efficient pool options?

With the introduction of Variable Speed technology pumps, your energy bills will typically not exceed a $30 a month increase on the average pool.

I’d like to consider myself financially organized. How much can I expect to spend on a monthly basis in regards to chemicals and pool supplies?

You will spend less in the winter months and more in the summer months, but on average you should budget $25-$30 per month depending on how your pool is equipped.

How long does it take to build a pool in Manatee and Sarasota Counties?

In general, the duration is the same; approximately 45-60 days to have the pool filled, from the time we start construction. Often, we build them more quickly; depending on the soil conditions and the weather.

How long does it take to get a permit?

Depending on the municipality (Sarasota, City of Venice, Manatee County); it takes approximately 2 weeks, depending on their work load.

Do you recommend a "salt water" pool?

Salt chlorine generators are a very popular item and yes I do recommend them, depending on your situation. Salt chlorine generators generate chlorine from the dissolved salt at very low concentration and this is done the entire duration that your pool is circulating the water; so it maintains a more consistent level of chlorine in the pool.

Most people who swim in a “salt water” pools really enjoy the way the water feels on the skin. The water typically has less “chlorine smell” and is easier on the eyes, skin and bathing suits!

What is better to heat my pool - gas or electric?

A gas heater is the quickest way to add heat and it will add heat no matter how cold it is outside. Many new communities in Sarasota and Manatee Counties have natural gas connections, which make natural gas heaters a popular choice.

An electric heat pump is more efficient and less costly to use to heat the pool; however it has a few draw backs. A heat pump generally costs more to purchase initially and is not very efficient below 50 degrees, since it needs ambient air temperatures higher than 50 degrees to add heat to the pool water. So, it really depends on an individuals’ situation and when and how they intend on using the pool.

What are the benefits of a pebble pool interior?

Pebble finishes have a much different look than other finishes, since the aggregate or the pebbles are much larger; the finish tends to look like a natural sparkling river bed. There are various color choices of the plaster as well as differing pebble colors themselves.

Most of the pebbles are gold, black and white; although some have blue pebbles mixed in with them. These color combinations offer numerous choices that can dramatically change the look of a pool.

Pebble finishes are very resistant to pool chemicals and staining, so most manufacturers offer longer warranties than what is offered with other finishes. They are beautiful and long lasting finishes that are a very popular item on the West Coast of Florida.

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